Black Knight´s Fragyard
Black Knight´s Fragyard by <BKA]|[Cu$ith>

A dedicated Team Deathmatch level, based on q3dm14. The theme is faithfully reproduced, with some sumptuous decor in the larger chambers and good use of lighting. Detail is low, which will help the framerate for larger team numbers. The main similarity, is the division of the layout into two layers. The surface consists of a vast wilderness of flagstones spread across two solidly constructed courtyard areas with the Quad and Red Armour. Many secondary items are below in the warren of tunnels and dungeons which winds between j-pad access ports. Two RLs appear in distanced locations and two YA's require carefully executed jumps to collect.

Items are very sparse. Given the extended respawn times in TDM, this means there is no substitute for sharp weapon skill and good tactics. Route choice between the RA and Quad will encourage stealthier invasions through the sub-level - both major items have a j-pad immediately in front allowing for some surprise attacks. The map can also be enjoyed in FFA, but the size and low item density makes game play more of a mad scramble for the nearest kit. Bots play as well as can be expected in TDM mode: covering the map, but without any apparent strategy.

Anyone who plays Team Deathmatch should check this one out immediately.

Reviewed by Kell

Ranked: 3.5 out of 5 (9 votes)

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