Black Knight´s Fragyard
Black Knight´s Fragyard by <BKA]|[Cu$ith>
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Octovus unregistered
#8   09 Jan 2002
They're differently structured too, and he's not saying it's anything new. The removal of the BFG and the placing of quad in a less central point make for more interesting play imho, but it really depends if you liked the original (and if you did why would you complain about the distinct and intended similarities? Oh well.)
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not entered unregistered
#7   09 Jan 2002
basically identicle to dm14, same room/item layout, only the rooms look different... lame.
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elvis unregistered
#6   09 Jan 2002
haha pulled the dm14 texturing off nicely, some of the areas were actually complete vamps sorta say.

nice frame rate, low detail.

that room with the shiny metal and red light was not at all apealing!

-i couldnt make that jump though in the same area,

were the gl is.

fun for a long time if you like doing

trick jumps to the ya :D

thats about all that i liked in this map. didnt like the rl area at all. thats weak :D

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elvis unregistered
#5   09 Jan 2002
good frame rate, tdm, dm14.

this one should be good.

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Quaker unregistered
#4   08 Jan 2002
Very cool map does remind me of dm14 aswell but who gives a st its a fun map 2 play well done BKACu$ith. :)
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xultra unregistered
#3   07 Jan 2002
i cant download the level

from fileplanet(other work of course ) the url of the makers seems to be offline .hints ??

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Octovus unregistered
#2   07 Jan 2002
Oooh! Definitely my favourite of this bunch, making a return to one of my personal favorite ID levels (which much to my disappointment is not very popular). The items aren't actually that sparse for an FFA. I played it with 6 or 7 bots...not exactly sure which, and I was never lacking for a weapon. Then again it's easy enough to machinegun the brain dead bots to death and grab their weapon :-p (Please note that's not a reference to their A.I. on this map, which is almost exactly average, but rather a reference to how silly they are on all custom maps).

The aesthetic of Q3dm14 is pulled off well, though the stone coverings in the lower area get a bit overpowering. The real level had some bone and other gothic variation textures to make it interesting below. Of course I don't know how close the author intended to be, just my thoughts.

The upper halls have been all but eliminated, traded for one large indoor atrium and multiple outdoor combat areas. The change to two RLs is much welcomed. Outdoors is once again an important part of the map, but below the surface takes much more of a focus (especially since it's easy to get back up once you go down).

The layout's a bit confusing, but it's well worth learning. A great TDM or FFA map.

10 from me because the level currently has a score of 4 (wtf?)


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wviperw unregistered
#1   05 Jan 2002
just played it really quick on FFA. The similarities to dm14 were VERY evident in certain areas. Also, there was a large hallway sectin that was really tight and had no detailing at all really. But if it plays well in TDM, then it doesn't really matter anyway.
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