Tempered Graveyard
Tempered Graveyard by <|3FG20K>

A really big level with a very Quake 1 feel. The texturing is a good mix of basic Gothic stone with some tech features. The largest area is also the most impressive - a towering chamber with glowing blue conduits rising up the walls. The full-moon skybox sheds an incredible amount of light so that some of the rooms at the top of the layout are unpleasantly fullbright. Internal regions are more shadowed and subdued.

Apart from the Grenade Launcher, only one of each major weapon is present and the search for alternative armament is a primary motivation for traversing the layout. Red and Yellow Armour is found in more taxing locations. Numerous j-pads, stairs and three teleporters provide additional connectivity. A Battle Suit spawns in the basement, although a Haste would have been more beneficial for eating up the distances. No Quad is present and kudos to <|3FG20K> for omitting such an overused item. In a few locations texture striping is visible, but it's easy to forgive these minor errors in a map so vast and complex. Bots play well, despite navigating less decisively than humans.

If you play TDM, download it and it should be a hit at your next LAN party.

Reviewed by Kell

Ranked: 3.5 out of 5 (7 votes)

Download: Tempered Graveyard by <|3FG20K>