by Lee David Ash
e-mail: **email removed**
website: www.planetquake.com/violationE/

Date completed: 14/03/01 - updated 20/06/01
FPS rating: Below Average (in places)
Map type: Deathmatch
Respawn spots: 17
Brush count: 3293
Entity count: 393
Vis type: Fastvis
Credit/Thanks2: id software, D.L.ASH,
Nick Kuiper (CorbX).

Known flaws:-
I managed to sort out all of the
really important ones, such as not
being able to vis the bugger due to
Q3MAP crashing during the building
process for reasons unknown.

Designer's note:-
First I need to say that I just got
sick of the sight of this map (like
so many others of mine) and am not
very happy with the final result.
This map is a whole bunch of little
bits and pieces from when I first
started doing Q3A maps. This is just
a motley stew of my medieval pratice.
It's not one I took too seriously at
any point, and it is much to big for
a Q3A map. Even with 8 players they
were still always spread right out.
Like LDAQ3A00CTF, this one lashed out
it's fair amount of little problems
at me, explaining the time it took
to finally get the bastard finished.