Powerstation CTF by sst13
On Powerstation CTF
CZghost posted: 4.5 stars (- 0.5 for missing MH). Otherwise brilliant conversion :)
Jonah O'Syrus posted: This map reminds me of the interior of a Borg Cube. EDIT 3/12/2017: Upon playing the map, I noticed that the skybox was UNFINISHED and that an update is required to remedy it.
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pro-q3dm17 by <n00b>pall
On pro-q3dm17
Unforgiven posted: Damn, <noob>pall, I don't even know how I found this page... Nostalgia, I guess? Anyway it brings lots of good memories from the good old times on Quake III Demo. Thanks for your very special credit about me ;-)
Endurance by flipout
On Endurance
1v4n posted: By the way, I tested the map in ioquake3-1.36-3.1.x86.
Endurance by flipout
On Endurance
1v4n posted: The map looks GORGEOUS, and the gameplay ROCKS, but there are al least 2 (two) bugs in the arena with the textures and the real physics. I would love this map to be fixed, for this map is AWESOME.
Dance Hall 2 by FeniX
On Dance Hall 2
Alice posted: I like the original OSPDM7. The remake plays very well and the changes are well-considered. But I have little problems just with this jump pad area, which is shown on the screenshot here. Its overdone in some aspects.
(The overall texturing/layout of the old version fits a little bit better to the maps funny name. But this is a detail and my personal taste).
House Of The Rising Sun (2) by Malzbiertrinker
On House Of The Rising Sun (2)
MBT posted: @dudephat:
Wow =) That's too kind. It's not even in my top ten of user created maps xD But seriously, I really appreciate it. Thanks^^
Well yeah, I am sorry that the layout is not that Voodoo-friendly ;)
I used a lot of curves and func_ entities which resulted in a high performance cost. Plus there is a lot of walkable space around the outside area where you have a long range of view. I am honestly not familiar enough with the q3 engine to make this map run faster on lower systems :/
Only thing I could think of is a complete new map.
Thank you for your comment anyway. Feedback is always welcome.
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