2myhouse by Hot[DOG]
On 2myhouse
HelterSkeleton posted: there are some better house maps out there. I'd check out runtfest, miniman, and nu clear lunch time
The Edge (2) by V1979
On The Edge (2)
HelterSkeleton posted: There are better conversions of the Edge for Q3A. I think the best is the conversion for OSP.
Missing scene - Hate by dAde
On Missing scene - Hate
HelterSkeleton posted: certainly one of dAde's better CPM tourney maps
Dance Hall 2 by FeniX
On Dance Hall 2
HelterSkeleton posted: I have to admit my preference is for the original OSP version of Dance Hall.
rushed by acid
On rushed
HelterSkeleton posted: From memory, this map was made with Warsow in mind - and makes even more sense when you factor in the wall jumps and skids. It also comes in a disco-texture version which is great for late night lans.
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Tribute (2) by thefury
On Tribute (2)
HelterSkeleton posted: I like this one a lot better than evolution. Evolution is popular because it ports well over to vq3 but imho this and otherworld were much better as promode maps.
wisdomrun by orfi
On wisdomrun
HelterSkeleton posted: not often you get a BFG only DeFRaG run. Nice flow to it and not too hard to master. Looks great too!
thephhortres by <secs.>
On thephhortres
HelterSkeleton posted: Every now and then, maps made specifically for quake 3 servers finally make their way over to LVL world, and for the most part I am glad when they do. My only regret is this wasn't released here sooner. DM was impressive enough to start. But 4-player side tdm - WOW!!! It actually gets even better and adds a whole new dimension to the game. With a lot of room to move and haste thrown in for good measure there are plenty of opportunities to fly about. thanks for sharing. I will keep this for posterity's sake.