Beaumaris Keep
Beaumaris Keep by Neo Genesis
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Takkie Rep. 1788
#8   30 Jan 2021
As a railgun fanatic I can see where PaN61 is coming from but there are a few things bothering me with this map.
Something can seem a good thing on paper or in the mind but it doesn't mean it works out in a map (or real life for that matter).
The jumppad in the center breaks up the gameplay and makes this map just target practice while it can be more than that.
The texturing and atmosphere of the map 'deserve' a bit more. So about twenty years late here are my suggestions. Remove the jumppad in the center. And criss cross the jumppads on the side. So on one side the low level jumppad takes you through the RG ammo (see the screenshot) and the '1st level' jumppad takes you to the upper ring.
On the other side have them reversed, the low level jumppad takes you to the upper ring and the 1st level hrough the RG ammo. This creates more and different types of movement in the map. To make this even more a rail map there could also be a jumppad where the MH is and on its opposite. The upper ring can also use some jumppad action for fast travel across the map. So I suggest launchpads on the diagonals of the upper ring.
I suggest this because there is a lot of good going on in this map. It is just the right size (a lot of these early rail maps are too big) and it can take a lot of action because of it. Unfortunately now the bots just go to the center and start bouncing and become target practice, they do other things in this map but they never become challenging. Just go to the upper ring and pick off the bouncing bot. Of course one could say that this map is meant for humans only especially because it has been released in the early days but I can imagine that a human player avoids the center jumppad and render it almost useless....
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PaN61 Rep. 377
#7   16 Mar 2010
Excellent map for rail gun practice. Textures are used nicely and lighting is excellent.

I give this map a 9/10.

Edited: 16 Mar 2010 AEST

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Gr|m_r@p|$t unregistered
#6   21 May 2000
WOOHOO! Ultimate furious 1 v 1 frag festival! Kept me playin for hours! ((literally))

Just goes to show ya that a simple map can kick a whole OF aSS!!!! WTG Neo genesis!!

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SillKill<ARJ> unregistered
#5   08 Feb 2000
This is the best practice map "except 3box4"..heh...great map another one and you got me downloadin!!!
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AssBall unregistered
#4   27 Jan 2000
I thought this map, despite its simplicity, was kind of fun. It was great with about 4 hardcore bots (not xaero!). It is worth checking out.
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Xenobear unregistered
#3   17 Jan 2000
very very cool. one of my favorites.
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scamboog3ry unregistered
#2   03 Jan 2000
these box maps shit me!!'s got no's too easy to pick someone off when they're on the bounce pad...if you want to practice your railing, there are better maps out "Don't Stop" ( ->
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Ivan unregistered
#1   02 Jan 2000
Superb map!
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