Conundrum by Snicker
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Kyall Rep. 407
#26   16 Mar 2012
This map is average. It at least has the thrill of hiding in the fog, but other than that, it is too small, has the usual Quake 3 textures and has a big advantage spot to those up the top on the ledge. 5/10.
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Pasquake Rep. 100
#25   04 Mar 2011
@andys if you're looking for gurves look a girls gone wild video xD
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StarWars RC12842 unregistered
#24   02 Jan 2011
So how exactly does one put the grapple hook in their custom map?
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BlacK-Night unregistered
#23   06 Jul 2000
The map is very simple, but the gameplay is good. The foggy is the best.

Bye from Spain!

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BBobBobbyEwing unregistered
#22   15 May 2000
This looks more like you've made a first room in Q3R. It's done allright, but evaluating it as a real level...4/10, sorry
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Xenobear unregistered
#21   17 Jan 2000
personally, i like simple maps. this one is good to start out on. big games are fun too. overall, not bad.
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ElMono aKa Lucipher unregistered
#20   11 Jan 2000
ne gute map, mal was anderes ;)

nur leider campen bots immer an der gleichen stelle (im Tunnel neben dem Jump-Pad)

was als mega-schlachtfest abba auch ganz nett kommt

~boinK & blast~



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RaGe unregistered
#19   03 Jan 2000
Kick ass map man, hehe, i kicked ass in that game we had on the server, hehe
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Reefer unregistered
#18   02 Jan 2000
The maps too simplistic to be much fun. Even as an aim training map (RA) it doesn't really make the cut because of the maze.
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Shadowqiller unregistered
#17   02 Jan 2000
I don't really like this map. Too plain. Too ... something I could do in no time. (and I'm not the greatest mapper)
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silVerman unregistered
#16   02 Jan 2000
how to submit map on this site?
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#15   02 Jan 2000
One line of code and the ip address can be displayed - i thought that printing the time of the post would be enough to stop the stupidity of some

If it keeps happening then I will start to print them, and on a side note - ppl can be banned as well, but I really hope I don't have to do that :]

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Shambler unregistered
#14   02 Jan 2000
Uh, time to include IP addys beneath the poster's names, maybe??
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[MiSQ] Rinc3 unregistered
#13   02 Jan 2000
An Xcllent map!
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Your Mom unregistered
#12   02 Jan 2000
well its great i ike the hook =)
very nice for rocketarena style
but is too much of a BFG fight
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octa unregistered
#11   01 Jan 2000
what a great f*cking map! you gotta like rocket arena to appreciate this though. and i can finally swing around like a monkey again! great job snicker.
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RaGe unregistered
#10   01 Jan 2000
best map i ever played, i swear it
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Sherlock unregistered
#9   01 Jan 2000
Simple but Elegant WOW! Great Job!
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Keg unregistered
#8   01 Jan 2000
Wow - sweet map, once you actually play it. Good job Milky Way!
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DeltaCode unregistered
#7   01 Jan 2000
sweet map man!
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A Big Fat Bitch unregistered
#6   01 Jan 2000
In a matter of seconds, this map is No. 1, when it says:

Not a very impressive map at all. Does include the Grappling Hook.


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mini-me unregistered
#5   01 Jan 2000
its great!! I love it!! But what is a snicker?
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Spade unregistered
#4   01 Jan 2000
Great!! It rules!!
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Snarksman unregistered
#3   01 Jan 2000
This is the best CQB map I have seen an amature make!
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Pappy unregistered
#2   01 Jan 2000
Man this map kicks ass!!!
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Chris McGovern unregistered
#1   01 Jan 2000
I dont have Quake 3, but, first of all, the name sounds like Condumn, and the map looks like a dirt pit.
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