pambos by Kevin James Krupa
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Nitebeat unregistered
#5   26 Dec 2001
tried it with a couple of bots, they jump into the lava like a bunch of retards :) It kind of reminds me of a doom level ..weird.

Frag, frag run frag ..

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Pogo unregistered
#4   12 Jun 2001
The lighting is pretty cool.
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Get real unregistered
#3   15 Jan 2000
The map was bad, although the lighting was good.
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Junky unregistered
#2   04 Jan 2000
I just sorta laugh and giggle at what he said.. and i realized it was funny...

as for the map its almost {OK}

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not entered unregistered
#1   03 Jan 2000
One of the first maps I've download for Q3... I think it has a cool look and feel.
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