One Down
One Down by Tigger-oN
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2362
#68   15 Mar 2022
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DRAGON unregistered
#67   15 Mar 2022
you need to make a map thats just a tall asf building
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Colton Rep. 359
#66   22 Apr 2016
Tig, I think you should have placed some more item_botroams on top of the 2 entrances and in other areas, then I could see potential in the botplay. Just to be fair with you, OK? Otherwise, I think this is a fair map, nice start for a 1st map Tig (even though this is 17 years late).
Edited 1.58 minutes after the original posting.
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Tig Rep. 1652
#65   25 May 2012
At first, there where no 'members' on ..::LvL. People just left comments. This quickly became an issue (a few people pretended to be someone they where not, and a few other things happened).

So, the 'membership' part of the site was then added. This topic and other site history questions should really be discussed in the forum.

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99ymx Rep. 118
#64   25 May 2012
@Tig In December 1999, you're not a member yet, right?
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Tig Rep. 1652
#63   22 Apr 2012
Technically, this is the 8th map uploaded (with an id of '8' to prove it). The first was 'The Final Hour' by 'QuartZ'. You can check the map id by mousing over the 'Permalink' in the top right of a review page.
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99ymx Rep. 118
#62   22 Apr 2012
This is the first level ever uploaded to this website.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2362
#61   17 Jul 2011
Oh yeah, that. It always did repel me from playing that map.
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gooball Rep. 1091
#60   17 Jul 2011
No, its the one in q3tourney2 near the fog pit.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2362
#59   10 Jun 2011
Interesting. The only map made by Tig that doesn't have a video.
@gooball: Really? I found the choir rather inspiring! (That is if you are reffering to the one in q3dm14 near the Jesus Statue)
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gooball Rep. 1091
#58   30 Sep 2010
pretty cool map tig, but that creepy spirtlike choir noise creeps me out :\

Edited: 06 Nov 2010 AEST

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Tig Rep. 1652
#57   17 Sep 2010
Yes, this was my first Q3A map. A quick and simple map really.
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lol unregistered
#56   16 Sep 2010
Tig, this is your first map?

See my new comment in this '99 map :)

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Hooyaah Rep. 599
#55   28 Feb 2010
Bots are predictable and not smart enough to compete against a decent player who is familiar with this map. Two evenly matched players can compete well against one another provided they both have somewhat equal experience with game play here and play several games in sequence to decide the winner. The look and feel of the arena is good and item placement does great with 4 players. This one is worth keeping.
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<SuX0r> unregistered
#54   06 Mar 2002
I found this map quite fun, prob a little bit too much power in the RL room. Bot play was terrible so couldn't really tell tho' (don't get much chance for LAN games and my inet con is shite). Bots just go round in a circle through the bottom tunnel and generally ignore the YA at the non-RL end of the map. V. good for a first map tho' and was clearly a good learning experience going by his other maps. 7 from me as a bit too easy to own.
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<SuX0r> unregistered
#53   24 Feb 2002
LOL Natoman, well said. Haven't downloaded the map yet but it does seem like "not entered" got his ass kicked by his gran when he downloaded it. Downloading it atm, can't see how it can be that bad as Tig seems to have a pretty good idea about what makes a good map. I will return with a vote :).
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Rock unregistered
#52   08 Jun 2001
I was hooked as soon as I started. The bots were great. The overall flow of the game is perfect. Item placement is good and the size of the map is awesome. The ratio of tight and open areas are right on. The textures didn't blow me away but overall the map is good looking.
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wpqnemy unregistered
#51   20 Dec 2000
After I played in the map a while I DELETED it. Not enough space to move. Way to dark in areas. I love the architecture,design,and item placement. Did I mention TO SMALL. SUCKS
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h3r3t1c unregistered
#50   03 Jun 2000
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Jurgen (Unstopable) unregistered
#49   29 Apr 2000
This map rules!! It's the best small map I have ever played on. I hope he makes more of those maps.
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zedzed from Belgium unregistered
#48   22 Apr 2000
Well designed and funny to play.

I'am waiting for your next work...

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Steinecke unregistered
#47   07 Apr 2000
Textures used like wallpaper.
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ogre2112 unregistered
#46   02 Apr 2000
Too simple for my tastes. It shows off some nice effects though. The light from the lava underneath the rocket room is a nice effect.
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That Bastard unregistered
#45   14 Mar 2000

I give this map a 10

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That Bastard unregistered
#44   14 Mar 2000
I do have to say I agree with Natoman on "not entered" and "GreenManalashi's" comments. They seem to be some of the more "childish" and "moronic" of the commentators here on LVL. While Tig gave my map a poor review, actually none at all, I have nothing against him and think this map is very good. I LOVE 1v1 maps and this one will be in my baseq3 folder for some time. One more thing for "not entered", you seem to be an EXTREMELY bitter person with nothing good to say about anyone here OR any of the maps. Perhaps you aren't getting any sex or are sick of mastraubating to pictures of Minx ? Maybe that could be the reason for such bitterness ? Get some professional help man !!! Then come back and give some constructive critisism. Don't go away mad though, just GO AWAY !!!
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DeadWish unregistered
#43   05 Mar 2000

It goes very wel with the 'fists

of fury' mod too!

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U4ik unregistered
#42   23 Feb 2000
I was running around thinking, where the hell is the dam rocket launcher. Then, all of a sudden i hit a jump pad and there it is. This is a fun and fast map, a little dark 4 my tastes, but fun overall.
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Natoman unregistered
#41   22 Feb 2000
I haven't played this map yet. I'm just commenting on "not entered" and "GreenManalashi's" comments. Their total mastery of grammar and vocabulary is astounding. I'm in awe. I particularly admire their creative use of the word "shit" in various forms. I can't wait to rush to THEIR sites to download their five-star maps! I'm sure with their high intelect, their maps must be sheer genuis!

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Mygodhashorns unregistered
#40   13 Feb 2000
Tourney worthy.
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Spiff unregistered
#39   11 Feb 2000
I picked up on Tigger-On's work starting from HL, then I went back and got his Q1 stuff. This is decent, he's learning the game, the next should really kick. This is worth the DL.
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RedFive unregistered
#38   09 Feb 2000
About a month now since I've started coming to this site, and I've just checked out Tigger-oN's map. Being a lava/goth type map, I admit I'm a bit biased cuz that's exactly what I love (only the fog is missing for my volcanic-goth Hell of my dreams :). I really like the look of it, but I kept thinking there were "another room" or something. I just wish there was more map to cover. Double this thing's size and then It'd go from good to great! Now, I'm starting to wonder if I'm the only one to really love q3tourney5's peasoup !!!!
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not entered unregistered
#37   31 Jan 2000
I dont know what you were thinking in making this shit map man, are you a guy that likes to just win, and dominate, or something? Dont you know of fair play, have you ever heard of such thing, and to make it fair for all players, ok i know it must have been your first map, well learn, and i cant believe it that this map is in the top 10, wow this guys must not know how the game of quake really should be played like, they must be 10 year old kids that gave you a good score, i mean its too easy to dominate, and there is no skill in dominating the map, but ill tell you what skill is, when all start with the same thing,and the respawn is just like the guy from the bottom said - respawn-die-respawn-die-respawn-die,now is that what you call skill? No way, i sure hope you will make your map better, and actually put some thought into it, i know you cant please all, others are just for the thrill of cheap frags, well i like my frags the hard way, the way it ought to be.
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GreenManalishi unregistered
#36   26 Jan 2000
Small shitty map. Too fuckin tight to do much in besides use the gauntlet. Skip it.
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Falimyn unregistered
#35   23 Jan 2000
I like the architecture in this map -- however, the problem is that there's very little room to fight. You spend most of your time in corridors or stairwells. It's got a tense claustrophobic feeling, which can be cool, but the map isn't big enough to keep tense claustrophobia from turning into repetiveness.
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Timothy 11 BlacK unregistered
#34   19 Jan 2000
Sorry Tig don't hate me,but I don't really like your map at all!Questionable layout and design.The textures make me think of a 8 yr old thats favorite game is doom,made a map and voila"One Down"....shoddy alignment and shading(just in a few areas) and overall not fun and quickly vanished off my hd due to being a waste of good map don't go screwing w/ my's just a review!!!!!!!
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phojekt unregistered
#33   17 Jan 2000
wow, g far out, neat o, big horn

small room, reminds me of a seedy night i had in auckland...

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John_Rocker unregistered
#32   07 Jan 2000
This map sucks if youre playing against me.;)

Otherwise it rules

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manog unregistered
#31   07 Jan 2000
rocket - a box is a room with four walls zero thought zero interest this is far from a box and if you want bot challenge i suggest you wind them up past "bring it on"
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Rocket Racer unregistered
#30   05 Jan 2000
Wow. Very nice aesthetically. I liked the room with the RL perch quite a bit. Still, I think Tigger ought to at least apply to his work the criticism he levels at others. For instance, while this is far indeed from a box, the layout leads to certain box-like predictability in the routes one runs. How about greater randomness, some more choice in direction? I had no difficulty at all pinpointing where my bot opponent was virtually all the time, and while that means I'm controlling the map, it also means that the simple layout reduces options, so that in essence you might as well be playing Q3dm2 (although arguably Tigger's looks cooler).
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reseth unregistered
#29   04 Jan 2000
To small for me, this one...

But it looks nice..

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Dr. Feelgood unregistered
#28   03 Jan 2000
Apperance: Class act all the way!

Playability: Smooth, right where it has to be!

Bots: Ok for awhile, then they tired out.

Overall a tasty map worth keeping around. Looking forward to more quality work!

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Darth_Tator unregistered
#27   03 Jan 2000
Not bad for a trial run. Fun for a while.

How about a challenge, though? Why don't you try to make the first (good) Q3 map that has no curves? I'd like to see that...

You can do it!

Heh. We eagerly await your future maps, Tig.

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.xi0ix. unregistered
#26   03 Jan 2000
sorry, but i hated this map. the design and layout is just unsightly. texuares are placed in bad spots and the oval area is hideous.
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Dwarlock unregistered
#25   03 Jan 2000
I liked this one, not spactacular, but good. very playable
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Cache unregistered
#24   02 Jan 2000
Excellent level my friends and I enyojed greatly over LAN will you be making anymore.
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ed unregistered
#23   02 Jan 2000
awesome map you a great job
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Dr Qube unregistered
#22   02 Jan 2000
You must download this... fast 1v1 and 4 player FFA ... very nice architecture... excellent gameplay... criticisms... where's the rest of your maps....!
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Sompan unregistered
#21   02 Jan 2000
Looks Very good

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Frib unregistered
#20   01 Jan 2000
"...a compliment to id's style..."

I saw someone else comment that this level was 'id-style' too.


As I mentioned to Shambler, its as if Tig's maps have always been Q3 style. A lot of his quake1 maps feature similar style and design to that present in One Down (and some of the id maps). His Q1 levels were released quite a long time before id even released screenshots of q3 maps, let along the game itself. Don't just take my word for it, download his Q1 stuff and check for yourself. I wouldn't be saying this crap if it wasn't true. :)

Tig's style just happens to be similar in some ways to q3-style and some of id's levels. Since Tig is one of the most original designers I've seen, I don't like to see people inferring that he's basically copied existing q3 styles or what have you, because it is simply not true. Tig's maps are Tig style, not id style.

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p3y0t3 unregistered
#19   01 Jan 2000
Excellent work. Like many have stated before hand, its a tad easy to dominate.. But then again, its a small map so this can almost be expected due to its size. Loose the horn, make the general layout more "fort'ish", so to speak, mirror it and make it a KICK ASS CTF map.
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Biff_Debris unregistered
#18   01 Jan 2000
Nice stuff. Architecture is great, a compliment to id's style -- altho I agree with Gonzo on that horn (unless you just did it for spite, in which case it's killer =>)Hope this will spur on many more 1v1 maps for Q3A.
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Gonzo unregistered
#17   01 Jan 2000
Nice work, although I dislike that horn (doesn't fit to the general style) and it's far too easy to dominate in 1on1. If you time your weapon, item and armor respawn-grabs and know where the respawn spots are it's just respawn-die-respawn-die-respawn-die for your opponent.

btw does anyone actually know reactivedm1 from reactivesoftware?

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Peej unregistered
#16   01 Jan 2000
nice work Tigger, shame you didn't use more curves.

kicking site man, nice work, looks v sexy :)

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Gustavo unregistered
#15   01 Jan 2000
(Played on a 3 player LAN, and separately versus bots).

Like others have said, it is a little easy to dominate and beat-up on struggling players. With the availability of powerups, if the victor of a particular battle took any damage they could restock again to full health/armour ready for the next encounter. Maybe the 2 health's in the main outside area should have been omitted, making anyone dominating this main area look for the health & armour on the opposite (less frequented) side of the map?

Also, the jump-pad is a worthwhile addition, though perhaps encroaches into the main fighting area too much? People were often running (ie backwards or straffing) mistakenly onto the jump-pad. Quite funny though, chasing a friend who is running backwards trying to retaliate with a perfectly aimed rail, only for him to mount the jump-pad and rail the sky. 8O)

Anyway, minor things as it's a great small ffa map - looks superb too. 8O)

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0xcide unregistered
#14   01 Jan 2000
Nice looking map, but for 1on1 it's too easy to dominate. It takes 13 seconds to grab the lg, ya, jump to the rl, fall into a teleporter hole, jump to the rg, fall down to the other ya, and through the tunnel to the 1st ya to complete the loop. With good timing, the other dude doesn't stand much of a chance.

And what's with the 'horn' just hanging there to the side? Seems a bit pointless to me, especially since they're always used as teeth in the id maps.

Now as a small FFA the map really shines; great framerate, a wide variety of weapons, and no easy camping spots. For that I give the map an 8.

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#13   31 Dec 1999
I noticed that when running the gap you can cross as a player is a lot more than the gap if you are only walking (u can also begin to fall, then pop back up a bit if you have not fallen much). this is a cool feature, but also means level authors need to be more aware of the size of holes/gaps and the type of gameplay that will be happening around tighter areas

live and learn i guess :]

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Frib unregistered
#12   31 Dec 1999
Nice job Ray. I don't know how you manage to make such high quality maps in such a short space of time. :)

This map looks excellent, nice texture use and subtle lighting effects. I only have a couple of minor complaints... as I commented earlier, I sometimes have a problem getting into that low archway in the middle of the map (more of a 'lack of control') issue in q3 than anything else though) and also because of the small size, it might be a bit easy to dominate. The item placement assures that the map is as fair as possible, though. In any case, it is certainly one of the best 1on1 maps for Q3.

Again, nice job, looking forward to what you'll come up with next!

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#11   31 Dec 1999
Great to hear ppl like the map in genreal and it seem like everyone is also enjoying the site.

  • now, what do I do next :]
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Ice Dragon unregistered
#10   31 Dec 1999
I loved it. It was great. I only played one match against the bots but still. I have to play my friends brother to prove that I'm better than him (actually both of them). I think I'll play it on this map.
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octa unregistered
#9   31 Dec 1999
great map. one of the first things i noticed were weapon did a great job of it. you didnt just plug in all the weapons you actually thought about gameplay. the layout is fantastic and those telerports are too awesome. i tricked my friend by jumping down there and coming up behind him when he though i had fallen to my death...laughed for hours on that one. only prob is its too easy to control... grab the yellow armor, camp the rocket and youve pretty much given the opisition no chance. maybe a red armor or mega health would have been cool. hope to see more, peace out.
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Kenny unregistered
#8   31 Dec 1999
Well well

He does it again, after Half-Life here comes Quake3 ARENA!

Nice looking, fun and fast as hell this map is nearly a masterpiece :)

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Lord Imric unregistered
#7   31 Dec 1999
Good map on the whole, plays well and seems right. Perhaps a little big for one on one but in a good ffa its very good!

Looks good, feels good and plays good. All around good map, gonna play this a little more...

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hoodlum unregistered
#6   31 Dec 1999
beautiful, but for a real deathmatch u need to have 15-30 people
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ProdigyXL unregistered
#5   31 Dec 1999
Probably the first professional looking and playing Quake III custom map so far. Good job. It is perfect for 1 on 1, and more people only had to the excitement. Item placement is good too.
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Shambler unregistered
#4   31 Dec 1999
Heh. Tigger r0xx. Any guy that can get Fribbles spooging over his maps must rule. Dunno what this one's like as I don't enjoy Q3A gameplay, but it certainly looks H0RRRRRNNNNYYYY =). Guy should get some help for putting a horn like that in. You know, he did a lot of very original Q1 DM maps that had elements of Q3A style, a very long time ago. Should be interesting to see how well that style works in the actual game...

Errrr this says fuck all about the map quality doesn't it?? Hehe =).

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Pappy-R unregistered
#3   31 Dec 1999
Pretty smooth but a bit small. Even for 1 vs 1 it's a bit small and easy to control. Great start though and worth grabbing.
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lurker unregistered
#2   31 Dec 1999
This is a pretty good map. It has better visuals than some of the other user-made maps out for Q3 right now. Gameplay is pretty good, even though most of the fights seem to take place at the section of the map with the lightning gun and RL.

Good map. You should get it if you have some time. Though not the best map out, it certainly isn't the worst (or anywhere near it). This is one of the top 10 in my list of user-made Q3 DM maps.

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Stone Cold Spider 3:16 unregistered
#1   31 Dec 1999
Cool map!!!

i dont usaly like small maps but this one is great a cleaverly Placed Rocket Launcher and jump pad and the telepoting well thingys are cool 2 great job!!!

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