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The Evil One
The Evil One by Tom Fritzon
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HDK! Rep. 414
#17   19 Nov 2012
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FragTastic Rep. 1400
#16   17 May 2012
It's a Retro map and it never gets old :). I love the effect of the slime it really does give it a poison look. I loved the Environment since it was supposed to be dark & mysterious which I felt during Gameplay. Nice piece of work Tom!. 8/10.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 1720
#15   05 Sep 2011
A few years back, I remember playing a game with someone with the username; "TheEvilOne". Made me think of that player....

And yeah, the map has some cool features, but the brightness needs to be adjusted. REALLY. 6/10

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gooball Rep. 741
#14   05 Sep 2011
This was one of the first maps I downloaded here at Lvl! Ah, good times.
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Tig Rep. 844
#13   05 Jul 2011
Check the F.A.Q. section, from the top left of the site, try:
Site -> F.A.Q. -> How to play a map

From memory, this map is will need to be started from the console with:
\map Evil1

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Anonymous unregistered
#12   05 Jul 2011
where do u put the map file?
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Stunts unregistered
#11   27 Dec 2007
gr8 map...very diferent from the maps ID made
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John unregistered
#10   22 Jun 2006
job well done
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Steinecke unregistered
#9   07 Apr 2000
Beautiful for sightseeing AND fraggin'.
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Dwarlock unregistered
#8   03 Jan 2000
a bit dark but good. (dark realy isn't a big problem, i'd get tired if all maps were bright and shiny)
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BioFreak unregistered
#7   02 Jan 2000
love the green "goo" pits

Not enough maps have these, *hint hint*.

Bit dark but nicely done

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BioFreak unregistered
#6   02 Jan 2000
love the green "goo" pits

Not enough maps have these, *hint hint*.

Bit dark but nicely done

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[IEC]_Lunatic unregistered
#5   02 Jan 2000
The map is really a little bit dark, but it make fun when you play it longer.

The map is a good map :]

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ProdigyXL unregistered
#4   01 Jan 2000
The layout some what sucks, and those thin hallways don't help much. Graphically, the organic stuff looks cool, although I did see some ripping. Its much to dark though, and the rail gun should of been replaced with some type of power up. I don't think that many people will go all the way for it. Its still an intersting map.
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0xcide unregistered
#3   01 Jan 2000
Way too dark (much darker than the id maps).
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Tom Winger unregistered
#2   31 Dec 1999
not large BUT:

A really well designed map

very free to breath in

very slow and fine designed.

The Athour has to be a cool guy ;).

See ya !

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lurker unregistered
#1   31 Dec 1999
This map looks pretty cool graphically (if a bit dark, which is still cool). It took me a minute or two longer to memorize than most maps, but once I knew my way around, I found it to be a very cool map.

This map has lava, this map has slime, this map has the moving organic stuff, this map has those pits you can fall into, this map looks cool, and this map should be on your hard drive :)

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