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Alliance CTF

A highly professional mod that adds a lot of interesting game play focused features to CTF matches. More

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Loki's Revenge CTF

An offhand Grapple All-Weapons Capture The Flag modification for Quake III Arena made as a tribute to the immensely popular Quake 2 CTF mod Loki's Minions Capture The Flag. More

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Q3 Fortress

A class-based game, based on the original TF for Quake, allowing you to play the role of one of ten character classes. More

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Q3 Pong Arena

Pitting two teams(red/blue) against each other, the focus is to get the ball(s) into the enemy goal. More

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Tanks and Rogues

A server-side team-based mod involving tight, coordinated teamplay between two classes; a slow but bulky "tank" class and a weak but fast "rogue" class. More

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The popular CaptureStrike mode originates from this mod, as well as a "Classic CTF" mode that replicates the mechanics of Quake and Quake 2 CTF, One Flag CTF, and various competitive CTF features. More

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Ultra Freeze Tag

Freeze instead of Frag the opposing team. Once you have a whole team frozen at the same time, your team gets a point. More

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Weapons Factory Arena (WFA)

An adrenaline pumping, multi-class, capture-the-flag first person shooter mod for Quake III. More

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Hunt introduces two new game types: "Save the Universe" (STU), and "Escape from Hell" (EFH). Both are single player / co-operative multiplayer missions against monsters. More

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Generations Arena

Choose among 5 different classes based on classic id Software IPs, with different weapons, physics, HUDs, etc. for each class. One of the older Quake 3 mods to still be in active development. More

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Q3 Gridiron

A modification that plays very similarly to a game of football. That is, football with rocket launchers! More

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Teamplay modification for Quake III Arena in which your objective is to send all of the players on the opposing team to jail. More

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