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azazel by neg!ke
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dudephat Rep. 389
#4   14 Nov 2016
I dunno what made me decide to download this map in the first place (about a year ago, I'd guess), but it's enjoyable with a fair amount of players. Very fun.
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krekits unregistered
#3   03 Aug 2001
Too large areas throughout the map. More vertical design could've helped, but the flow just isn't there.
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The Loader unregistered
#2   02 Aug 2001
Hello, is there an enemy ?

Space for everyone but with lots of players this could be a frag party !! 7 from me

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neg!ke unregistered
#1   01 Aug 2001
actually, this was the first time i didn't sketch out the entire map before starting - could be a reason for the over-sized rooms.

i recommend using an osp config (eg. ra3 sytle) or some instagib mod when playing this map (corkscrew...), otherwise 'azazel' doesn't really make it.

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