Q3A Database
title: azazel
file: azazel.pk3
date: 05/08/2001
author: neg!ke
website: www.endzeit.cjb.net

description: somewhat inspired by nunuk's 'q3 geometry challenge'
(www.planetquake.com/nunuk) this level uses only 5
textures and mainly focuses on architecture.
unfortunately the challenge closed few days before i
found the time to start working on 'azazel'.
actually, this map looks quite good, but the
proportions are way too big, so a lot of long-range
fighting and the need for a larger amount of players
comes along.

btw: the item placement could have been better, i know.

thanks to: eFDAT, Rumritter

play information

game type: ffa, team
bot file (aas): yes
new sounds: no
new graphics: no
new music: no
demo included: no


base: new map
editor: quest
brushes: 2294

build time: three days (without compiling)
compile time: 31.414 hours (vis: 112451 sec!)

known bugs: none


you're allowed to distribute this level via electronic media such as internet,
and free of charge. any commercial use without a permission is prohibited. you
may freely use textures/shaders for your own maps as long as you give me a credit.

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