McKinley's Vengeance for TA
McKinley's Vengeance for TA by Eraser
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Eraser unregistered
#3   05 May 2001
I know about the bots. Didn't do anything about them for this release, except for that I added a bot-do-not-enter brush on top of the teleporter room. Bots got stuck there sometimes (a lot maybe even) but that should be fixed now
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hannibal unregistered
#2   05 May 2001
are the bots still obsessed with the underwater room? It was unplayable with bots before. Anyway, I've seen this level before, and it is a real nice place for human play...shame about my bot buddies :)
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r3tina unregistered
#1   05 May 2001
Very good remake of an already great map. Get your downloads going!
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