McKinley's Vengeance for TA
McKinley's Vengeance for TA by Jerry 'Eraser' Laman

Title : McKinley's Vengeance for TA
Date : 05/03/2001
Filename : map-tamckinley.pk3
Author : Jerry 'Eraser' Laman
Email Address : **email removed**
Description : Team map based on Quake 2 CTF's McKinley Revival (q2ctf1)
Mods required : Quake III: Team Arena
Additional Credits to : - Rick 'r3tina' Laman for helping me out with a lot
of stuff and keeping me going.
- Remco 'SithLord' Mooijweer for tips, hints and playtesting
- Evil_Lair ( for his textures
- Kilderean ( for the PureCTF mod
- Zoid for the original map concept


- Play Information -

Gametype(s) : CTF, Oneflag, Overload, Harvester
Players : 6 - 8 (3 vs 3, 4 vs 4)
Bots : There is an aas file, but the bots don't play really well
Weapons : All except for prox launcher (BFG only spanws every 90 seconds
with only 10 ammo)
Powerups : Quad Damage, Regeneration, Battlesuit, Invulnerability


- Construction -

Base : based on q3mckinley.bsp, edited for TA support
Editor(s) used : GtkRadiant 1.1 TA beta
Additional Tools : Quake ToolKit, Paintshop Pro, EditPad.
Known Bugs : none
Fixed : - No more hole in bottom of blue flag platform
- 2 armor shards in blue base no longer fall through floor
- Changed some architecture for (hopefully) better r_speeds
- Bots -should- not get stuck at BFG anymore
- Cleaned up shaderfile
- Removed unused textures from pk3
Build Time : Unknown
Textures used : - Base Texture set
- Evil_Lair's texture sets (mainly 5 and 6)
- Crate textures from Rosharch
Compile machine : AMD Athlon/700 with 256 Mb RAM, Viper II, running Windows 98SE
q3map BSP Time : 12 secs
q3map Vis Time : 19 secs
q3map Light Time : 3596 secs (-extra)


- Contact -

Jerry 'Eraser' Laman - **email removed**
Engines of Creation -
PureCTF -
Threewave -


Read the story about McKinley's Vengeance written by r3tina. It's included
in this pk3 file.
This map is also part of the PureCTF map pack. The PureCTF version is an edited
version of this map, with some slight gameplay differences. Try it out and
see which fits your tastes best.