platypus by nunuk
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raspatan Rep. 4510
#28   16 Jun 2021
Agree with HS. Gameplay is absolutely lacking in this map. A real disappointment. It looks very nice but connectivity is awful. Item choice and location too. This maps end up being a machine gun carnage. No strategy whatsoever. A real shame.
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6324
#27   21 Aug 2008
With a little tweaking of the architecture (angles with a lower gradient, trim higher in some places and lower in others for example) Nunuk could have gone on to be 1 of the best map makers for the cpma mod. Unfortunately he veered more in the direction of the novelty space map. This level could have really done with a rail gun. the gameplay just isn't there.
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r_kabouter unregistered
#26   11 May 2002
when's geocomp3 coming?
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not entered unregistered
#25   12 Sep 2001
This has got to be one of THE most incredible looking maps around... Who cares about a lack of textures, look what Nunuk has achieved... Way to go!
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Lima_Bravo unregistered
#24   27 May 2001
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SpoBo unregistered
#23   24 May 2001
The looks of this map are sweet.... Truly one of the nicest Q3 maps i have evver seen... And i do like the textureusage. A 9 for this SweeT map
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lvpvsitalycvs unregistered
#22   12 May 2001
;-) a good job,compliments!
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park unregistered
#21   11 May 2001
Nice map. Great architecture and texture use. It did feel a bit slow in mvoing around, perhaps it was the ramps..

BFG: where did you get a p2 380?

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BigFreakinGun unregistered
#20   11 May 2001
This map rules. No slowdown at all on my p2 380.
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snickelfritz unregistered
#19   10 May 2001
Really excellent work.

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TTJ unregistered
#18   09 May 2001
I think this map really shows how to use point_lights right ! THUMBS UP nunuk =)

9 points from me !

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Blitzz unregistered
#17   08 May 2001
It looks kewl, it plays...ok

I kinda hated the lay out, movement is too slow imo.

Great to see such a map and it breathes atmosphere but a big smaller and better and faster ways of moving around would be great


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PiKouSe unregistered
#16   07 May 2001
Mmmmmh yep I think it is one of the best map i have ever played... Graphic innovation and excellent gameplay.. mmh yep! maybe the better. R_Speeds very low..mmhh very good for my little machine .... please continue Nunuk ,u have one more fan.....

See u tomorrow at work hehe

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Diabolus<BKP> unregistered
#15   06 May 2001
Beautiful map and brilliant architecture. Gameplay/flow is good.
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#14   06 May 2001
hhmz: try now on the .au mirror, I am getting a script error on the FilePlanet link atm but the .au mirror is fine.
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me unregistered
#13   06 May 2001
well done!
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hhmz unregistered
#12   06 May 2001
"A map that will stay on your hard drive" LOL well it has to get there first.. fileplanet sux, as usual and the au mirror is a 404 screen..

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Vaerktoej unregistered
#11   06 May 2001
to Quakeulf: I am from Denmark =)

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NeXuS unregistered
#10   05 May 2001
This map looks good, it has as many textures as it needs, but gameplay ain't that spectacular. I, just like Decay, got breathless, but due to the long-running characteristics of this map
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Decay unregistered
#9   05 May 2001
I think that this is definitly a GREAT map. Refreshing and new … something for other mappers to think about … like my brother sad, you are Frank O Gehry of the quake world.

Few things I don’t like… 2 Rocket launchers are too much for a Tourney level, … if you ask me, it is not good for tactics in the game…The fact that Rail is missing is a good thing. I also think that the level is a little to big, one has to run a lot from one side to another… if it was a little bit smaller it would’ve been perfect.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a breathless level …and this is just nitpicking… but I had to write it.

10 out of 10!

Keep up the good work.


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hannibal unregistered
#8   05 May 2001
Nice an experimental, theme map. But gameplay is nothing to write home about..kinda boring.
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<|3FG20K> unregistered
#7   05 May 2001
It's an awesome map... Nice architecture (that was the point) lighting, and low r_speeds... but in my honest opinion, the layout seemed dull. If I had known some of the maps that would've been entering the contest had been this intensive on the architecture, I probably would've thought of something more to put in the one I submitted =) Anyway, awesome map 9/10


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not entered unregistered
#6   05 May 2001
I want a re-textured version after the contest is over with. :)
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jal unregistered
#5   05 May 2001
Ugh... It has a lot of ramps and they sux at Q3. They make it unconfortable for run around.

Otherwise the flow is not bad, and, of course, it's gorgeus.

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GuitarMan unregistered
#4   05 May 2001

Strange map and a bit confusing... but nice!

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Quakeulf unregistered
#3   05 May 2001
Hot damn.

If this guy doesnt have a job, he truly deserves one now.

I wanna see a game with maps like this!!!

Awe inspiring work man, you deserve the "10" rating I gave you.

BTW, Værktøj, are you danish or norwegian? Im norwegian.

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Vaerktoej unregistered
#2   05 May 2001
But still I think it looks very cool!! I would have liked a darkblue sky with dark clouds moving quickly across though.... I won't write about gameplay yet because bots are so boring to play against. But thumbs up!!!!!
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}CR{CasbahBoy unregistered
#1   05 May 2001
Incredible map; nunuk shows how much better a map can be when time is not invested primarily into look, but into design. The lack of the RG forces one to put some real thought into weapon choice, creating some interesting clashes. Excellent for a laid-back 1v1 up to the much more hectic 3 player DM or 2v2 teamDM. Have some fun with this, its refreshingly different ;)
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