Troubled Sleep
Troubled Sleep by Rroff
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Gorre17 Rep. 115
#19   29 Dec 2018
This map transmits me many emotions, fear, loneliness, sadness, the houses are beautiful, the water, you can go through the roofs, fight with bots is incredible, also is the option deatmatch team, Simply Incredible Map, The best of the day !
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FragTastic Rep. 2353
#18   14 Feb 2012
Tested! & this map is bloody awesome. The Ambience is just terrific. The Gameplay is brilliant with more than 6 bots plus wicked areas to explore. The Layout is jut spot on it's widely spaced and contians many features which you all will enjoy. The Snow effects where brilliant. Although you should change the map music to a cold wind blowing which would of made it sound realistic. This map is a Keeper! 10/10.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2372
#17   01 Aug 2011
Great winter theme in a town with houses you can enter. LOVE THIS MAP!!!

A keeper, no doubt.

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051R15 unregistered
#16   16 Sep 2009
"Never" is a long way from reality, and I'd hardly call a rocket jump some sort of l33t cpma trick skill.

There are multiple roof access points for people who can't point at the ground and press a mouse button, as well.

Do people actually play bots on hardcore?

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BigTed unregistered
#15   16 Sep 2009
My guess is the review should have said something like 'Bots only make it to the roof in Nightmare mode via a Rocket Jump'

Rocket jumps are skilled access, not easy access.

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051R15 unregistered
#14   16 Sep 2009

"Bots play ok but never make it to the roof tops".

I watched two bots rocket jump onto the rooftops


"there is not enough access to the roofs"

See above. If a a friggin' bot can figure it out... sheesh!

Anyway, great map, great atmosphere, great snow fx. Don't let an inaccurate review keep you from checking it out.

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Nitebeat unregistered
#13   28 Dec 2001
Dled it yesterday, loaded the map in q3, took a good look at it. Hm, it looks very nice, like the falling snow, the atmoshpere through the entire map, has the potential of being a .. well.. rtcw level ;) ...

Anyway, I haven't played it with the bots yet, so I'll come back later and comment on the gameplay :)

From what I've seen though: Great level, unf. low framerates... :-I

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hannibal unregistered
#12   17 Nov 2001
Nifty theme...too bad playing got boring after about 10 minutes.
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fonix unregistered
#11   17 May 2001
Hey gay-jar49- yor spelling kapability is prettie gud. Wood you be my tooter?
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gajar49 unregistered
#10   11 May 2001
THE BEST I HAVE SEEN SO FAR IN TERMS OF BEUTY.....GREAT JOB...and i don't think that perfermance is an issue at all! Althrough I do agree that roofs shd have been more accessable!!!
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martin unregistered
#9   11 May 2001
i didn't see the snow shader as a big performance hit. the map still played well even with a lot of bots on it (and i don't have a ninja system) the snow was very effective and really good to see.

i did hope to be able to enter more of the buildings and some more roof access/jumping between buildings would have REALLY added to it.

nice one - keep it up

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smohq unregistered
#8   10 May 2001
I love this map, Rroff! I wouldn't know about the bots tho', since I haven't played one in a verrrry long time. ;)

I'd trade speed for beauty anyday, and the snow is beautiful-well worth the hit in fps!

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OldWarrior unregistered
#7   10 May 2001
Very nice work, i enjoy the map,bots play well on it : )

and the snow gives it atmosphere

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Jax_Gator unregistered
#6   10 May 2001
Nice work Rroff! I played this map in early betas and you actually improved the r_speeds after initial problems with the snow shader. I have no problems running this map now on my PIII 500 w/192 RAM, 32 MB GeForce SDR. The atmosphere is excellent. Nice change of pace.


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1ntr1ns1c unregistered
#5   10 May 2001
Nice work Rroff...I don't believe in catering to ALL....runs great on my Athlon and I really dig the Quake gets older I am much more inclined towards atmosphere!!! *besides if it gets cold, I just nip into the pub for a shot of Wodka, Comrade;)
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Commander Keen unregistered
#4   10 May 2001
Way to go Rroff nice job this map really takes me there feels like I'm in greenland or something somewhere. :)

"mid sized" boy you guys must think Q3DM6 is a tourney map then.

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^^Ch@os^^ unregistered
#3   10 May 2001
Good work Rroff! I really enjoyed this map! The FPS drop is my only complaint, but the atmosphere wouldnt be the same without the snow, so I'm glad you kept it!

Rail wars are great here! :)

People can play this on the Burial Grounds custom map server, just /callvote sleep.

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Rroff unregistered
#2   10 May 2001
ooops dumb typo... I meant

tho people have reported bots making it to the RG

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Rroff unregistered
#1   10 May 2001
when I added the snow I basically stopped looking at the r_speeds... after about a million gothic maps I wanted something different...

The reason bots never make it to the roof top is because the stairway is actually made up of func_doors for one of the many secrets... and I guess they find the ladder a little difficult (tho people have reported bots making it to the RL)

Guess I should have opened up the roof tops a little more (lots of people did ask for this - I should have listened to them a little more)

The lighting (brightness) is a tricky one... I play on a GeForce 2 MX with the gamma cranked to 1.7 ... which looks fine imho

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