Troubled Sleep
== Troubled Sleep (Quake 3 Arena map) ==
== Map Name : sleep.bsp
== Author : Rroff (Martin Painter)
== Email Address: **email removed**
== ICQ : 43647933
== Description : A 300-400 year old style city in the snow...
Best played with 8 players ffa or 3-4 players per team in teamplay

== Thanks to : thanks to all the crew at Burial Grounds
( (
for all the map testing
and comments (Too many people have helped this map to list them)

== Construction ==
== Build Info : Several build stages, original build about 2 weeks
additions about 4 days
== Build Comp : P3 500MHz, 128Mb RAM
== Compile Comp : Celeron 400MHz, 96Mb RAM
== Compile Time : About 1 hour (fullvis -light)
== Editor : q3radiant (what else? - this editor is unsurpassed IMHO)
== Bugs : I've fixed quite a few between builds so there shouldn't
be too many.

== Important Info ==
== If you have any previous version of this map you MUST remove sleep_r001.pk3 from
your baseq3 folder. If you still have problems remove rroff_r001.pk3 also.

== Legal Stuff ==

map (C) Martin "Rroff" Painter, all rights reserved
Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc.

You may only distribute this map free of charge, the map and any
included resources must be distributed in their original state and
this text file MUST be included.
All commercial use is prohibited without PRIOR permission (this includes
covermount and promotional use)