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Facing Scorpions
Facing Scorpions by IMMORTAL
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IMMORTAL unregistered
#4   18 Jun 2001
indeed , it s not a map to play with bots , about the light , sorry , when I read your words it was too late , I just never realised that when compiling because I play with full light !!! Well no excuse ... my fault , maybe a version that will fix that later
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martin unregistered
#3   05 Jun 2001
it wasn't THAT dark. and you get the invis and strafejump to one of the other platforms. cool teleporters too. sounds like you played it for 2 minutes.

i thought it looked cool. the uneven steps with the lava were really different. the spawnpoints that fire you out make for a change. its a great rail practice map. just don't play bots :P

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Twitchfactor unregistered
#2   08 May 2001
1. It's too dark. It's SO dark, that it's almost impossible to navigate. I don't even know how that screenshot was taken.

2. Why are there power-ups placed where the only way to get to them, is to die?

3. Excellent idea/theme. Just rework the lighting and rethink some of the item-placement.

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Thanatos unregistered
#1   07 May 2001
I have 1 huge problem with this level: it's too dark!

Most of the time, I couldn't tell where my opponent (Klesk) was, 'cos it was virtually impossible to see him against the dark background of the map.

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