In Hell I Born
In Hell I Born by IMMORTAL
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#4   31 Jan 2012
Your brushwork is amazing. I love your lava texture. It looks exactly like real lava.
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Spine unregistered
#3   16 Sep 2002
I really like the metal/lava combo. It really makes you sweat. Item placement is good, and gameplay is smooth. Watch your step or melt.
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IMMORTAL unregistered
#2   18 Jun 2001
Try bots in nightmare :)
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StormShadow[NT] unregistered
#1   19 Apr 2001
This map looks really good... immortal definitely put some long hours into this one. But, it plays quite poorly with bots. The bots stick to a very specific area, most of the map isnt even used. Looks great tho, and might even play good on a server with real people, but it becomes fairly repetetive with bots.


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