Beyond Gothic
Beyond Gothic by Bentarr
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Whatscheiser Rep. 662
#8   18 May 2023
I did as Bentarr suggested (mostly) and made a patch that sets the value he refers to at 1024 (so..."alphaGen portal 1024") which seems to be just about right for this map to see the destination of the portal from wherever abouts you happen to be standing. I can confirm that any currently existing PC (status 17May2023) absolutely does not care if you do this. LOL!
This map does play decently gameplay wise. The recommended bots have no issues and the theme of a dilapidated Cathedral is really well done. The outdoor rocks are a little simple by today's standards but the architecture of the structure itself is impressive. There are some maps that can be found in the Dreamcast map pack that I feel this would fit right in with. Definitely worth having a look at.
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Bentarr unregistered
#7   22 Apr 2001
One more thing:

If someone has a REALLY, REALLY, REALLY FAST PC, or will get one in the near future, it is possible to turn on even more eye-candy.

There are two portal-teleporters within the map. You cannot look through them up to the destination.

With a little bit of work, you can modify them, so that you can look through. Looks great, but will substantially slowdown ANY currently existing PC. (status 22Apr 2001)

Follow these procedure if you like:

  1. Extract the file "beyond_gothic.shader" from the "beyond_gothic.pk3". (located into subdirectory "scripts")
  2. Open the beyond_gothic.shader with any text editor. You should search for this character string: alphaGen (should be found within the first 32 lines)
  3. Behind "alphaGen", you will find a number. (default = 0) Change the number to 256. (recommended)
  4. Save file(of course) and copy it back into the beyond_gothic.pk3. Overwrite the old one.
That's it! Start Quake 3 Arena and look for yourself.

Of course you can begin with a higer number. The higer the number, the further you can see a "working" portal.

Have a play around with it... :)

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Bentarr unregistered
#6   18 Apr 2001


Thanks for the very nice comments!

As with the rocks:

Theoretically, i could retexture it. The problem is that it it will take about a week to recompile it and i canĀ“t afford a pc which is useless for that period of time at the moment.

Sorry, not possible for the time being...

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Nicholas unregistered
#5   18 Apr 2001
Okay, after several hours on this map, I'm hooked. The only negative thing I can say is the texturing of the rocks needs more variety, as is, it looks kinda like wallpaper with all the same pattern. Bentarr, can it be done? A solid 8 on my chart...
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Nicholas unregistered
#4   17 Apr 2001
Fine map. Breathes some life into the gothic theme. I'm sure it could be optimized abit cause even on my super-duper P4 1.5 Gforce2Ultra it drops to 40ish fps in some areas. After some good fragging I booted the bots and admired the beautiful structure. Thanks Bentarr.
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Pogo unregistered
#3   17 Apr 2001
It's a good map, but not really playable with a 1ghz cpu(30000 verticies ~ 30fps.) I'll keep it on my todo list when I get a 2ghz cpu.
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TrollSystem unregistered
#2   17 Apr 2001
Its the architectural most pretentious map i ever saw.

Thanks Bentarr for this noble playground with magical ambience and superb connectivity.

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triangular_dude unregistered
#1   17 Apr 2001
Very very nice! Haven't played much as yet but I think this one is a keeper
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