Beyond Gothic
Beyond Gothic Quake III Arena Map


==================================FINAL 1.0======================================

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...believe it or not, this map has finally come to an end.
Trust me. :-)

------General Information--------------------------------------------------------

Title : Beyond Gothic
Filename : beyond_gothic.pk3
Mapname : beyond_gothic.bsp
Author : Bentarr
E-mail : **email removed**

Description : My, ummm, first released Quake3 Map. It is a cross between
gothic, organic and something new.

Previous Maps : Doom 2 : Many, many unreleased maps.
06/05/1996 Castles&Dungeons

Quake : 04/01/1997 Apocalypse
- for Scourge of Armagon
and ca. 10 unreleased or unfinished maps

QuakeII : Two unfinished Maps

Half Life: One Map. Near a release, but then abadoned.
Maybe come back for another game.

Additional Info: Itīs done! Pheew. I think itīs good enough for the public.
But, you are the "public", so you decide...

Hmmm, I think one can actually talk about it as the the second
or third map, because I build 95% new due to concept changes
for better gameplay.(The connectivity was awful, and that was
one of the better things...urghh)

------Play Information-----------------------------------------------------------

Game Type : Tournament primary, then Free For All

Description : Small Gothic/Organic map

Players : 2-<depends on what do you like>. I would say up to 8Max.

Bots : Supported and working

------Map Information------------------------------------------------------------

New Textures : Yup, the Portal Teleporter, the flames, wood, sky(angle of sun),
In addition, a couple modified/mirrored textures and shaders
from Id.

Note: There are these excellent rock textures, but i could not
find the place where i downloaded it, nor the copyright.
If i remember correctly, the author wants credit. So...
Whoever you are: Thank You Very Much !
(If the author reads this lines, he can mail me and i will add
his name immediately in a re-release of this map.)

New Sounds : Yes. The windy sounds in the tower and between the canyons.
Additionally, some humming noise.
These sounds come from the Quake 3: Team Arena Mission Pack.

Known Bugs : R_Speeds exceeds 28000. Yes, I know, itīs hardware demanding
like..., i donīt know what, but nearly all unseen surfaces are
caulked and i used Areaportals as good as i could. In addition to
this, all unnessesary brushes are deleted or/and optimized.
Furthermore, i used detail brushed sparsely to get the map as
blocked as possible in terms of visibility.
Sorry. It simply does not get better. It lies within the
structure/transparency of the map.

I REALLY hope that if youīll see the Map, youīll understand...


Base : Scratch

Editor(s) used : Q3Radiant Build #174 to 202Beta3

Compile Machine : P2/350 128MB RAM; since 11/2000 TBird1GHz

Video: : Nvidia Riva TNT Chipset; since 11/2000 nVidiaGeForce2Ultra

Build Time : You do not want to know this;-)
(One Year, nearly every free time)

Compile time : 7752 minutes

BSP : 12 minutes
VIS -Full : 7650 mnutes
LIGHT -Extra : 90 minutes

Brushes : 4235
Entities : 317

Playtest time : 1 1/2 Weeks

------Credits and Thanks---------------------------------------------------------

- id Software for obvious reasons
- ALL the people at RUST(; especially the Forum.
- The Message-Board at Quake3World (
- The people at ..:LVL. You would not see this map without their help!

- The great Beta Testers who helped with ideas and critic obversations:
Sgt. Wipeout

- All who take a look at this Map

------Installation Instructions--------------------------------------------------

Unzip the files in this archive. Place the map, "Beyond_Gothic.pk3" in
your \quake3\baseq3 directory. Start Quake 3 Arena, select Single
Player, choose Skirmish, search for a map called Beyond_Gothic
near the end of the list.

run the game with the following command line
(if you have quake3 installed in c:\quake3\):

c:\quake3\quake3.exe +set sv_pure 0 +set g_gametype 0 +map Beyond_Gothic

type in the quake console:
sv_pure 0
g_gametype 0
map Beyond_Gothic


Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional levels.

If anyone want the church or another component as a base for <ANYTHING>,
mail me. Iīll send you the source .map file.

This package may only be distributed by means of electronic transfer,
free of any charge to the recipient, and may not be modified in any way.
All the files included in the original package must remain intact and

This package may NOT be distributed on ANY CD-ROM, nor be
used on a commercial multi-player server without the prior,
explicit written consent of Mathias Gerlach (contact: **email removed**).


Have Fun and thanks for playing,