Scrap Metal ][
by Bal
Scrap Metal ][ by Bal
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FragTastic Rep. 2241
#32   07 Jan 2012
Its quite small for a brilliant map like this.
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Alex unregistered
#31   06 Jul 2004
looks great
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Sargent unregistered
#30   16 Nov 2002
This is a pretty good designed map, but you have taken something from ut2k3
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Badgerslayer unregistered
#29   29 Mar 2002
Great, 3 player free for all is great with your real mates, or your favourite bots. The only point is that they don't go for the Mega health, but otherwise good job Mr. Bal
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NoNameFek unregistered
#28   21 Oct 2001
Hey site majordomo, FU for the "you're thick" comment!
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~Eevil~ unregistered
#27   31 Aug 2001
Okay, but not really that great...

Sorry, just a 6...

Not really a 'Bal'-fan...

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NoLiMiT unregistered
#26   26 Aug 2001
This map is really fun, but there's a HUGE flaw which makes 1on1 extremely not fun. If you get rail and rl, all you have to do is camp RA the entire game. Just take out rail and snipe the person from RA and if they get close guard with RL. Way too easy to get through the game without dying.
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asTio unregistered
#25   14 Jul 2001
i really like the texturing and layout but gameflow isn't coming up for me as it did in bal3dm3 :/
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Jheriko unregistered
#24   15 Jun 2001
Why is it that people seem to believe that large maps can be duel maps? Plus the GL sux. not as good as baldm3
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Snoop unregistered
#23   14 Jun 2001
Great texturing as usual here but for duel, it doesn't fit the bill. FFA is certainly much fun but the item placement seems a little sketchy :/

Not bad Bal, but you've done better!

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la crampe unregistered
#22   30 Apr 2001
I played an early of this map and had a good time on it with nunuk.The gameplay is great and the items placement works fine..Good job bal !
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arQon unregistered
#21   30 Apr 2001
?! No way is this a duel map.

Deafening ambient sounds; TWO GLs, and too many places you can't bunny through without hitting your head and being stopped cold.

It's a nice FFA map, but I can't imagine playing a 1v1 on it.

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GuitarMan unregistered
#20   22 Apr 2001
Great map made by a great mapper, but... using LDBST textures make me feel like playing a different version of that level. :-(
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The Hubster unregistered
#19   20 Apr 2001
Oops typo there:

This is what I meant:

"the flow is not right for duels"

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The Hubster unregistered
#18   20 Apr 2001
I wouldnt say that the flow is right for duels. The PG needs to be removed, and some doorways need to be made higher.

Dont get me wrong, this is a fantastic piece of work, Bal. Pat yourself on the back - many of us would be hard pressed to create a level of this calibre.

However, a FFA level is what this is, not a duel level.

7 from me.

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Q-Fraggel unregistered
#17   20 Apr 2001
Yes Bal, here you are. Once doing a great map, people expect your next to be even better, everytime!

No prob for you I hope ;)

Excellent level with some (minor) flaws.


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StormShadow[NT] unregistered
#16   19 Apr 2001
I was a bit dissapointed with this map. Sure, it looks great, but the layout is average at best for 1v1 matches. Its not a bad map, i just expeceted a little more from a guy like bal (bal3dm3 is one of the best maps ive ever played)
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Twitchfactor unregistered
#15   18 Apr 2001
Bal's well aware of how much I enjoy his work, so I'll keep this brief.

Outside of the one little error, this map is incredible. It should be in rotation on every server.

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xfoo unregistered
#14   18 Apr 2001
It's a nice map, but the item placement and layout don't promote a competative 1v1 game, which is really unfortunate.
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Bal unregistered
#13   18 Apr 2001
first of all, thanks for the comments, happy some of u like how this plays

OfF3nSiV3, uh, this map is like any other q3 map, its a pk3 that u put in ur baseq3 folder... i really dunno why ur getting a .bsp, where did u d/l it from??

And Knight Cloud, no, its a q3 level, but the original layout comes from a q1 map i made a long time ago.

Thanks again to Tig for the review, and his great work at LvL =)

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OfF3nSiV3 unregistered
#12   18 Apr 2001

The download file is .bsp!

I've tried to copy it to baseq3, insert it into the q3 pak file, etc. It remains one question :

How tha fu do i play this map ???????


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Knight Cloud unregistered
#11   18 Apr 2001
Is these an quake1 level?
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Tymo unregistered
#10   18 Apr 2001
i'm happy to see a conversion of scrap metal. i like the q1-version and the one for q3a is great too ...
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cin unregistered
#9   17 Apr 2001
I thought this map was a gem for ffa games when I tested it, wd bal. :)
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hannibal unregistered
#8   17 Apr 2001
Top of the Crop! The most compelling FFA experience I've had in one helluva long time. Frikkin' Bravo!
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Abbo unregistered
#7   17 Apr 2001
I like it... Lun's textures (wow) + Bal's skillz + classic layout = good combo...
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Auhsan unregistered
#6   17 Apr 2001
it is not only good for 1on1 or small ffa, it also works great for larger games (I played that one with 8 players!!!)...

great work (once again)...

GS: if this map is a 7, I need to change my rate for gs3dm4 :D

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QUAD_BAIT unregistered
#5   17 Apr 2001
Very nice work Bal, looks and plays great. Can't wait for bal3dm5. :)
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^^Ch@os^^ unregistered
#4   17 Apr 2001
This map kicks ass! Very fast with 4 or more players. 1vs1 games are great, with the railgun doing some ownage! Great work!

This map is in rotation at Burial Grounds

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#3   17 Apr 2001
GrindSpire: wow, I loved this map and found 1on1's excellent, much better than Golconda (bal3dm2). A 3 player game was also great. R/jumping about the map can really throw an opponent off.
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triangular_dude unregistered
#2   17 Apr 2001
Bloody excellent if you liked baldm6 - scrap metal. Odd enough, I disliked that q1 level and I have found the q3 final release of this level to be very very playable (and looks great, which counts).
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GrindSpire unregistered
#1   17 Apr 2001
Hmmmm.... I'm not a big fan of this map, it's a a nice map, but in my opinion that's it, nothing more. Just a nice map.

Definitely Bal's weakest Q3 work. A 7 from me.

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