Ancient Greek Arena
Ancient Greek Arena by ResidentSCUM
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FragTastic Rep. 2241
#7   07 Jan 2012
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Dave Rep. 43
#6   18 Dec 2011
The map is nice!!
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Brian unregistered
#5   12 Sep 2010
The Military St Petersburgo
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Lima_Bravo unregistered
#4   25 Apr 2001
Yes well worth the download. Thank goodness for a non factory style map (more please). Watch out for the well placed trap, and sorry no hint..

Love the marble textures..

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ResidentSCUM unregistered
#3   19 Apr 2001
Knight Cloud do you have high quality skies turned on. If you don't the skybox will ras al khamah. Hehe
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Knight Cloud unregistered
#2   19 Apr 2001
These map was great but the background the skybox is about ras al khamah.
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Ton' Low unregistered
#1   19 Apr 2001
Well Thank God someone made a non-Gothic and non-space map. The level is worth downloading just for that. However, I was pleasantly surprised this map delivers a nice game. I did like the interior upper level, it was fun dodging rails behind the columns. Cool trap door too.
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