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Ancient Greek Arena
================================================================ Title : Anciiennt Greek Arena BSP Name : wmgdm1.bsp Author : "ResidentSCUM" Will Groben Release Date : February 2001 Email Address : **email removed** ICQ number : Find me on MSN Messenger Author Home Page : members.home..../welcome_home.htm Description : Team DM Arena, FFA included; FFA 6-12 or Team Play 3 on 3 to 5 on 5 Build : Win98 2nd edition, PIII 933, 512mb RAM, GeForce DDR 64mb, Radiant 202 (Target PC: PII 450 and up, r_speeds are mostly in the range 5-8k, but two areas, corners of course, will reach 10k) Thanks to : - Anwulf for beta testing, overseeing reconstruction and being patient with my website and me - Kropcke for beta testing - Graphatallica and Texture Universe - Lloyd Morris for marble and grass textures - Quakecon 2000 model contestant "Gantzler" for fountain - Nate for the plants - Anyone else I forgot, just remind me please, my apologies in advance - ttimo and company for Radiant - id of course - claudec for "the reference site" - the Q3World, level editing members and moderators - lvl for the beta hosting and feedback - Paul Jaquays for use of his Artwork Other Comments : Intermission included for single player mode with bots, suggest 5-7 bots. Please send any comments to **email removed**. All feedback will be appreciated. By the same author : Darwin's Theory in alpha, based in the Dark Ages ================================================================ * Map Information * Game : Quake III Arena Team DeathMatch : yes Deathmatch : yes New Textures : yes New Sounds : no New Models : yes Traps : one (sort of) Power Ups : yes Three teams of power ups to avoid too much juice being available at once they are teamed and timed. * Construction * Base : Loosely based on the Propylaea, Western entrance to the Acropolis BSP : 17 seconds vis : 10827 seconds light : 9832 seconds Editor used : Q3Radiant 202 Other programs : editpad lite, Quake III Arena, Paint ShopPro7, MS Picture IT, WINZip, should include Claudec's web page since I was there so much * Copyright / Permissions * You may distribute this BSP in any non-profit electronic format Quake III is an id software product abide by the EULA and there will be no problems.
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