Aerowalk by the Hubster
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Wario064 Rep. 1
#33   09 Dec 2019
An overrated map thats basically hit and run. Regardless of a players playstyle, everyone literally plays nearly the same way on this map, making for boring spectating.
Edited 1.55 minutes after the original posting.
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FragTastic Rep. 2351
#32   09 Jan 2013
@Bozo: Well you are definitely right there :).
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Bozo Rep. 46
#31   08 Jan 2013
I voted on this a while back but came back to say that this map is incredibly perfect for fast-paced games.
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FragTastic Rep. 2351
#30   16 Feb 2012
Amazing map :). It's just magnificent. 10/10.
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DX10.1 unregistered
#29   14 Mar 2011
Blah! I open the readme file from this archive

\callvote armorsystem 3

It is a invalid vote string?

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shrinker unregistered
#28   09 Mar 2011
like he said, this map is cool. 8/10
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shishi unregistered
#27   04 Jan 2011
well, if you say that then i will keep my mouth shut. sorry for the other comment :(
but i still preffer more quake 3 than quake live or openarena
my ratings
this map: 8
quake 3: 9-10
quake live: 7
openarena: 6-7
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Caesar unregistered
#26   03 Jan 2011
Quake Live is for babies. Its the same thing as Quake 3t just with some slight changes. OpenArena is better.
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shishi unregistered
#25   03 Jan 2011
@lol shut your mouth, openarena sucks ass and it will never be cool as quake 3
instead of openshit, play quake live which is free too
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lol unregistered
#24   29 Mar 2010
supeR,Tourney have this map in OpenArena, OpenArena is a open-source Quake 3 Arena.
Created by OpenArena Team.
Never Heard OpenArena?
Download OpenArena at:
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cityy Rep. 373
#23   14 May 2009
Saw this map on a match between ZeRo4 and Fox:

I Thought 'wow - how did it happen that I haven't noticed it.' It's even fun in vq3 - rocket jumping to the RA can be your death in the wrong situation. :P MH fight is damn tight.
This is one of the best tourney maps out there - sad that I noticed it so late :(
Edited: 14 May 2009 AEST

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Tig Rep. 1722
#22   18 Jun 2008
@riWal: A lot more info is required to fix your issue, and this is not the best place for that kind of question. I suggest you try: or
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riWal Rep. 0
#21   18 Jun 2008
I get missing sound all the time. ghha driving me crazy, how do I fix it.
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ok unregistered
#20   24 Apr 2008
good!!!!!!!!i need it!
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hastobeq3 unregistered
#19   21 Nov 2004
I need a doctor... Why I'm playing around this map over, and over, and over...?
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POS# unregistered
#18   06 Jul 2004
i luv it so much!!!
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kerygma unregistered
#17   18 Sep 2003
Best Aerowalk conversion out there. Great work, Hubster.
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not entered unregistered
#16   18 May 2002
this became a q2 map before it was made in q3, its a cool (i love it) specially when playin it with a few mods
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s?-Septik unregistered
#15   09 Mar 2002
this map owns so bad:)
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arQon unregistered
#14   09 Apr 2001
FYI: a bunch of us argued over the RA spawn for quite a while.

In many ways, it's a GOOD thing, because only the "down" player can get that spawn, so it might give them a decent chance to get back into the game.

If you're that worried about it, well, don't leave the RA sitting there for two minutes... :)

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hannibal unregistered
#13   08 Apr 2001
This is now the only duel level I play with great frequency. The RA jump is easy--in either VQ or CPMA. I just can't get over how damn fun this map is :)
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cin unregistered
#12   08 Apr 2001
I just played the other map "not entered" added, well, thats a waste of time.
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QuadZilla unregistered
#11   08 Apr 2001
I am new to this map.. but I have to say that after playing it for only a little while.. you start to realize that this is a true gem. If you like duel maps.. this is a MUST HAVE LEVEL!
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cin unregistered
#10   08 Apr 2001
This map reminded me of how little I played qw or q3 nowadays. ;)

Hubster, you've done a really, really good job at getting the speed of the original aerowalk over to the size and speed of cpma, or indeed vq3 (which I haven't tried..)

Botplay is realy good as well, surprisingly good even...

Only gripe is the sound though, the texturing was nice, although a change in style would've been cool from you. :)

I think the tex set you used again wouldve been more suited to a dm4 remake. ;)

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Geit unregistered
#9   07 Apr 2001
The jump is possible in vq3 as well..
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#8   07 Apr 2001
Ozh; In CPMA you are able to make the jump to the RA, You need to jump from that small cut away section above the steps with good timing. You still have the luck factor of the respawn however.
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Ozh unregistered
#7   07 Apr 2001
IMO, still the same mistake in this remake : a respawn point at the RA. The whole gameplay and skill business is spoiled by a luck matter : will you respawn at the RA or not.

Otherwise, really nice level, as the original.

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ShoveL unregistered
#6   07 Apr 2001

I gave a ya an 8 Hub, would have given ya another point if you had of experimented with a new texture set ;)

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The Hubster unregistered
#5   06 Apr 2001
Thanks guys:-)

I must admit, as I developed the map, I saw the bots playing better and better on it, and after I uploaded it to my site, and I had enough time to actually PLAY it for a change, I was hooked.

I love playing it too;-)

I wont give it a 10 though - like Tig, I'm an Aerowalk purist as well, and the lack of staircases in the GL area upsets me:-))

I'd like to think I did a solid remix.

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R3DFIV3{KEA} unregistered
#4   06 Apr 2001
This is one if these rare maps where Q3 bots actually shine! I've played it throughout it's developpment but haven't played it online yet, and frankly I can't wait. And if you're unsure about CPMA, try it with this map. You'll be hooked :)

N1 Hubster !!!

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hannibal unregistered
#3   06 Apr 2001
Fantastic, virtually all of the original aerowalk intensity is back, especially with CPMA. Fookin' delish!
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mommentum unregistered
#2   06 Apr 2001
cute li'l map =) teleport lunacy, just the right weapons, FAST.

cries out for cpma =)

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Geit unregistered
#1   06 Apr 2001
great map.. always has been, always will be ;)=-
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