Grim Shores 2 ~ Devil's Island
Grim Shores 2 ~ Devil's Island by Sir Fragalot
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FragTastic Rep. 2351
#21   07 Jan 2012
Looks like a spooky beach.
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SW12 unregistered
#20   16 Apr 2010
Good map. Looking at the screen shot, I thought it was ship-to-land combat. Apparently not. The actual water is really a big tidal pool cutting through the middle of the map in which sea life swims through! Ah the nice Tropics! I just love Turquoise waters. Don't you? Nice atmosphere. A nice vacation from the original maps. BTW Crocodiles don't hurt you. When I used cheats to get in the pen I coun't budge. I wasn't taking damage.
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Rawing Rep. 70
#19   11 Feb 2010
hey fragalot, have u heard about phong shading? The rocks are waaay edged. Still the design is very nice :D Duh.
Edited: 11 Feb 2010 AEST
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Chimaera unregistered
#18   18 May 2002
love this one, great laugh, every time :)
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Softie unregistered
#17   15 Mar 2002
Great map, where are the pirates!!
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sir_fragalot unregistered
#16   01 May 2001
chrisq - actually, I did this before the speedmap contest whish is why I had all those models available.
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sir_fragalot unregistered
#15   01 May 2001
I designed the map to be tight with minimum weapons. I prefer the gauntlet and this map is ideal for that. Personal taste.

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Lima_Bravo unregistered
#14   30 Apr 2001
" ... bloody sharks" he cried as he fell....

Yes a great map, and worth your download time. Initially the pic caught my eye and then the sharks got me... Love 'em so.

Yes it is 'tight' but still good fun to play with a few bots. Yes (next time, maybe) on small involved maps consider decreasing weapon spawn times please.. Love the custom models, yes the birds..

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Pogo unregistered
#13   19 Apr 2001
Perfect map to play when you can only squeeze in a few minutes of play time. The frantic pace is actually a plus, makes it exciting.
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StormShadow[NT] unregistered
#12   09 Apr 2001
Looks really nice but plays like crap. 30 second timers on rl and pg were a mistake. Half the time im waiting for a wep to spawn. Also bots are way too predictible on this map. They always enter teh base on the ground level and exit on the high level.

Looks really nice, if the mapper put more effort into it, he could have created a great map.

rating: 6

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Knight Cloud unregistered
#11   08 Apr 2001
I don't think i hate these map.
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wviperw unregistered
#10   07 Apr 2001
cool theme. A fun romp for CTF. The sharks got me a few times though...
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oooooh unregistered
#9   07 Apr 2001
forget it. i found file caught my eye after a few more baseq3 searches. it's cool. i say 10 for creativity and 7 for game play.
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ahhhh unregistered
#8   07 Apr 2001
what do u type to start it up. its in there but don't show up . i have an overload of rooms so i have to type in alot
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fatmanfat unregistered
#7   07 Apr 2001
Gimme a deckchair, an airport novel and a pina colada. Better give me a rocket launcher also cause of them sharks. What the hell are all those people doing with them guns and them flags?

It's a different kind of CTF gameplay than you get on most CTF maps - probably less strategic, definitely more frantic. It's pace is more like basketball than football. It's fast and furious fun.

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chrisq unregistered
#6   06 Apr 2001
fragalot: good to see someone turn their speedmap into something nice heh
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nitin unregistered
#5   06 Apr 2001
any chance of a TA version?
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hannibal unregistered
#4   06 Apr 2001
I'm not sure how I feel. The theme is amazingly well achieved, makes me wish I could plop on a lounge chair, sip some iced tea, and feed da sharkies. But at the same time, cramped fighting dominates this map-which I don't enjoy. If you don't mind this, you'll undoubtedly enjoy this puppy.
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keditok unregistered
#3   06 Apr 2001
Aye, forgot to voite b4. Thought the messageboard read minds :p
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sir_fragalot unregistered
#2   06 Apr 2001
hmmm - only an 8.

(The readme does state that it's meant for 3 players/team.)

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keditok unregistered
#1   06 Apr 2001
Thee shareks they are dire . . .. Shall I food them? :p

Fun map, tho for me the fun is based mmore in the bases, more than, I like. Great map visually, tho, and good fun with sonme Q3 friends, however.

I give it an 8.

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