McKinley's Vengeance
McKinley's Vengeance by Eraser
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Microphone Joe unregistered
#7   08 Apr 2001
Now this map is awesome.

The textures are all well-placed, but when going out of your base the front way, sometimes those textures just didn't seem to look right. If you liked it in Quake 2, you'll love it here. If you have TA then download the TA version, because it's exactly the same, except the bots aren't as smart as the eraser bots (bad pun). DOWNLOAD THIS NOW!


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r3tina unregistered
#6   06 Apr 2001
True to the original layout and great texturing. Plays very good too, even against a bunch of (might I add stupid) bots.
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evil_lair unregistered
#5   06 Apr 2001
Nice map!

Nice use of my textures too! Nice to see :-)

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Tetzlaff unregistered
#4   06 Apr 2001
The texturing is really good, but the size is just too cramped for Q3!
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Mr. SDI unregistered
#3   06 Apr 2001
Cool map! Great use of HFX textures. It gives the map a good atmosphere. If you liked the original Q2 version, you'll love this one.
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Eraser unregistered
#2   06 Apr 2001
There's also a Team Arena version of my map. You can get it at:
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SithLord unregistered
#1   06 Apr 2001
Nice remake from the original. I haven't really played it yet, but I am sure we will on the next LAN-party :-) As for the textures I would say: Great job!
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