Gothic Yard
Gothic Yard by D0kt0r X
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Thanatos unregistered
#16   16 Apr 2001
You're very welcome.

Hmm... Maybe I should ask Tigger for a job here at ..::lvl?

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Vaerktoej unregistered
#15   15 Apr 2001
U know what? I think that was a hell of a lot of constructive criticism, thank you very much.
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Thanatos unregistered
#14   15 Apr 2001
1st up, sorry for the delay: I've been away for the Easter weekend and have only just gotten back.

As to the map: it plays well enough with Q3's standard bots (my Internet connection doesn't allow me enough time to play multi properly.) No real problems, but the bots are kinda predictable, as they almost always go straight for the RA.

The Gothic textures don't really suit the map's architecture, but maybe it's just 'cos I'm used to id's version. In any case, I think that the textures you chose were pretty distracting.

Go check out Firestarter's "Red Light District" (filename is - it's mainly red, like your level, but the light is not as intense and distracting.

The layout of the map itself was kinda wierd, esp. the jump to the RA; again, tho', this may be just 'cos so I'm used to the original. (I play DM17 a lot with Instagib.)

The vanilla version of your map seems to have really odd weapon selection: your readme says that it's meant for Instagib matches or (presumably vanilla) DM. Since the Instagib mod automatically removes all weapons on the map, why did you bother putting only RGs in in the DM version? I mean, if you didn't want to play Instagib with your map, you'd expect a few other weapons other than just the RG.

In my (admittedly limited) experience, Instagib players are rail junkies; ppl who aren't playing Instagib either: a) don't like using the RG; or b) like the RG, but want to try using other weapons in order to balance their skills.

Assuming all of that, your choice of weapons is, as I said earlier, confusing. A better idea would have been to keep DM17's original choice of RL, RG & SG; perhaps also including a GL on the upper platforms for variety.

Overall, I'd give this map a 6. It's not an "avoid at all costs" map; but neither is it an instant classic.

D0kt0r X: I'd recommend you work on your maps a bit more before releasing them. I realise that this was just a quick re-do of a classic (readme says a build time of "about 2 weeks of spare time"); but if you wish to release this map to a wider audience, you need to polish it a bit more to make it up to the standard of the other maps on |lvl|.

Thank you for your time.

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Vaerktoej unregistered
#13   14 Apr 2001
Fair enough!
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Thanatos unregistered
#12   10 Apr 2001
Right, just so I don't look like a judgemental hypocrite, I'm d/l-ing your map as I speak. More comments to follow after I've had the chance to playtest it.
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Thanatos unregistered
#11   10 Apr 2001
I think you're missing my point, D0kt0r X: I already have id's version of the map, and I have already d/led Instagib.

Now, when I go looking for new maps to d/l, I try to find maps that are new, not just a re-hash of an existing level. If this had been a remake of, say, Q2DM1 (The Edge) for the Q3 engine, then I might try it. Or if it was a recreation of Q3DM17 for the Q2 engine, again, I might try it. (I actually have this map, altho' the Eraser bots don't play too good on it.)

Judging from the screenshot, this is merely a re-texture of Q3DM17, with RGs replacing all other weapons. The re-texturing, to me, is something really trivial: given a working knowledge of Radiant and some spare time, any newbie could do it.

Worse, tho', is the fact that your level is for the same game engine that the original was in. Meaning that all the game physics are going be the same, and that the level is going to play just like id's original.

Hence my original complaint: why should I waste bandwidth to d/l a level that plays the same as a level that I already have? There's nothing radically new here, just a new paint job, which I could have done myself if I had Radiant.

If you want my vote, D0kt0r X, then you're gonna have to offer me something more than just a new paint job.

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Vaerktoej unregistered
#10   10 Apr 2001
Well my intention was to take the map and look at it. Then I found out which things were great for instagib and which were not, then I moved things around a little and added some extra features to the map. I have had a lot of good games on it together with my clan and thought that I would release it for you to try.

My point: Try it with INSTAGIB and see if you like it and if you don't then it is fine with me but what use is a comment from anyone who hasn't tried the map?

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Thanatos unregistered
#9   10 Apr 2001
One question: why should I bother d/l-ing this map when I can just as easily load up the Instagib mod and id's version?

I haven't d/led it yet, and can see no reason to either. Sounds like a waste of bandwidth to me. :(

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not entered unregistered
#8   08 Apr 2001
Ugh, enough with the q3dm17 hacks already....

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[JB]shadow unregistered
#7   08 Apr 2001
Go Dokter X =)

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Heilou unregistered
#6   08 Apr 2001
Why weren´t you hired by ID??? This is a much better map than the old DM17, but some will think it´s bad because it´s a rail-only version. Keep up the good work!
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Knight Cloud unregistered
#5   08 Apr 2001
These map is look like scary it is a horror.
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Vaerktoej unregistered
#4   08 Apr 2001
I mean, Idsoftware has done most of this, I just moved things around a little and changed textures :-)
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Vaerktoej unregistered
#3   08 Apr 2001
:-) Thats about the only thing I didn't do myself =)
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Gnu unregistered
#2   08 Apr 2001
I really like this, especially the design!
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xerophyte unregistered
#1   08 Apr 2001
This map is brilliant, try it out !
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