Aerowalk by the Hubster

Aerowalk by The Preacher is an incredible QuakeWorld level that I use to play a hell of a lot. So I'm a bit of a Aerowalk purest and I do have a few problems with Hubster remix version. With that said, this is one great map and comes highly recommend.

Basically this is a pretty much a must have level. Its completely solid, tight, super fast, plays like a dream and complements Challenge Pro Mode Arena nicely. The level plays great in standard Q3A but spoil yourself and grab a copy of CPMA after you download this one. The one main annoyance is the ambient sounds are too loud. Bots play well, even rocket jumping to the red armour.

Download and enjoy.

Ranked: 4.1 out of 5 (99 votes)

Download: Aerowalk by the Hubster