Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet by SmallPileOfGibs
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raspatan Rep. 4502
#86   17 Jun 2021
@Tig haha was waiting for this. Will give it a try.
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Tig Rep. 1604
#85   17 Jun 2021
@raspatan : You are welcome to write one and send it in like you did for Asunder by Laerth.
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raspatan Rep. 4502
#84   16 Jun 2021
Fun map! A shame it does not have a proper review! It needs one!
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Shreder unregistered
#83   31 Aug 2019
That GtkRadiant times... Great map!
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Neon_Knight Rep. 244
#82   20 Feb 2014
Pretty cool. I was also astonished when I noticed this map is the one of the startscreen of GTKRadiant, heh. Good play, SPoG. :P
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FragTastic Rep. 2297
#81   07 Jan 2012
Its just so amazing.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2324
#80   22 Jun 2011
This map made me want to beak into song: ♫ He's got the whole world in his hands...
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themuffinator Rep. 1046
#79   22 Jun 2011
GTKRadiant ftw!
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Tig Rep. 1604
#78   10 Jun 2008
Yes, from memory it was made before a patch was released that allowed support for .arena scripts. There is some info for enabling menu support here: lvlworld.com/text/txt/lvl_arena
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Cendres unregistered
#77   10 Jun 2008
This map doesn't want to load from the skirmish menu.
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Xev Rep. 0
#76   16 Aug 2007
Here I am, posting a comment years after this map is released. Well, I have to say, this is one of my favorite maps out there. It may not have great gameplay, but it's a blast to just wander around and shoot people in. Download it, or your Q3 map collection isn't complete! =)
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Anonymous unregistered
#75   31 Jul 2007
I absolutely disagree on the comments on good gameplay here. The map may look good in some parts and yes, it's on the Radiant startscreen, but I don't get the hype.

There's little flow, it needs clipping, corridors are to narrow. I won't start it a second time.

Maybe it'S because q3 has evolved quite a bit since 2000, but today, this map does not impress me.

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Pasquake Rep. 90
#74   29 Jul 2007
yes it is ^^
It's a very good map too :D
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wakey Rep. 183
#73   29 Jul 2007
Wow, isnt that the map in the GTK-Radiant Startscreen?
Very impressing, i dont thought that this map actualy realy exists :D
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dOOd unregistered
#72   16 Jan 2006
Yo! This is the map that it shows when youdouble-click on GTKradiant 1.1.1! Oh yeah... THIS MAP RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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ijed unregistered
#71   09 Dec 2003
A great map with good gameplay and solid flow, though a few more links between the top and bottom floors would have been better. Still not as good as spogsp1 for q2 though.
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-*DMF*-ORANGE9mm unregistered
#70   09 Jun 2003
Unbelievable. An awesome layout and texturing is excellent. I feel like I'm not in a deathmatch, more like a "duel". Top notch!
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Nitebeat unregistered
#69   27 Jul 2002
Really like the looks of this map. I remember being excited about it two years ago.

Nowadays I load it up for taking some cool screenshots =) bloody well worth it.

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Banal Terror unregistered
#68   15 May 2002
This map owns. A year later and still few maps can match Lonely Planet's stunning eye candy. Sure the gameplay isn't steller, but that's not the intent of this map. For flat out trippen eye candy, this map is worth the download!
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Syabha unregistered
#67   26 Dec 2001
OK, a year and some months gone by. A loooooooong download ;)

Was well worth it.

These dmm maps play well with the alliance mod.

Excellent bot play.

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magatsu unregistered
#66   04 Jun 2000
brilliant design and effects. only flaw is that the lower portions of the map are way too big... causes running around in empty hallways
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not entered unregistered
#65   03 Jun 2000
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Steinecke unregistered
#64   16 May 2000
Just another poser-map. Bots messed up. Looks boring. Runing in circles like a rat. Should be named : 'Ratrace'.
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bullsiarcher unregistered
#63   01 May 2000
To all the fragsters who want to see this amazing display of artistry,you need only look to the following web site.(www.planetquake.com/spog),for the 2meg tga. file, to see these rich textures. For a small pile of gibs,you have a large amount talent.
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WAZZIE unregistered
#62   18 Apr 2000
I get no texturing whatsoever - its all matrixed out - looks pretty cool though.

Im running a voodoo3 ? Why no textures

anyone ?

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Ray unregistered
#61   14 Apr 2000
A really good-looking map, very original. But it's gameplay is just very poor. I give a 9 to graphics and a 1 to gameplay. I suggest a BFG instead of Rail Gun. Finally, i give a 6.
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OZi unregistered
#60   07 Apr 2000
One word


...tho should have some diff. looking area...it's all same-old same-old.

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Steinecke unregistered
#59   07 Apr 2000
Poor gameplay.
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Kerygma unregistered
#58   05 Apr 2000
Most original, eye-pleasing map I have played. SPoG, you rock. Keep up the great work. A definite 10.
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Bert (Berticous) W.Fine unregistered
#57   30 Mar 2000
..." Phantasmicgorical!" in a word. (:
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#56   29 Mar 2000
mudd - have a look over this file


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mudd unregistered
#55   24 Mar 2000
is there a way to get this map where you can see it from the map select screen?
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BoypiXie unregistered
#54   21 Mar 2000
a GREAT map! on par with pqarena... pity there's no pg tho' :(
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ACE unregistered
#53   20 Mar 2000
well if i believed that a "10" exsists then this would probably be it. very innovative thinking mister spog. got a question though. the "jaggy" edges in the catwalks. whats the signifigance of that look. just wodering cuz i cant find the connection in my head for it in the map. seems like it was a lot work. hats off to u sir. 10 on originality

9 on game play
9 on flow
9 on texture

as a side note i can see the earth through one of the concrete pilings near the earth as u may or may not know.

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CasbahBoy unregistered
#52   16 Mar 2000
Gotta love those winding tunnels!!
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#51   13 Mar 2000
its an 11meg d/load and it includes 2 pk3 files. Make sure you delete (or atleast rename) any other dmmq3dm3 pk3 files in your baseq3 folder 1st (from other conversions).
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laukkeon@singnet.com.sg unregistered
#50   13 Mar 2000




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GibletGravy unregistered
#49   11 Mar 2000
Good map. Quite a few texture errors, but great layout and an A+ for originality!
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jon unregistered
#48   10 Mar 2000
Map looks cool, but too bad its a pain in the butt to find the converted textures.. people should just release it when its done..
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Lumpy unregistered
#47   06 Mar 2000
I love the originality of the architecture and layout as "ideas", but the thing is a killer on framerates even when you are just running around alone in it.... I give the concept a 9, and the gameplay a 1.
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djembe unregistered
#46   03 Mar 2000
Me and my buddies play this map for hours on end. Repeatedly.


SPOG should be with ID!

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MacJammer unregistered
#45   02 Mar 2000
To date, this is THE most original, creative map I've ever played. Where do I begin?... the rich marbled wall texture offset with the black granite-like contrast theme that flows through out the entire map, is truly awe inspiring . The sawtooth bordered ramps and winding staircases are endless and you're either ascending or descending in elevation as you move about this laberynth. The interior stone-like surface is completely facetted, as if it were chiseled from the inside out. The existence of the rotating planet Earth, in this map, is the piéce de résistance; a world within a world. This jewel gives the map a certain spacialness and central focus and offers balance. This environment is surreal yet natural; M.C. Escher would be most impressed, I know I am.

SmallPileOfGibs knows no boundaries and he out did himself in this spectacular creation. I respectfully give SPOG a well earned 10 and a heartfelt BRAVO!

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the sayan unregistered
#44   02 Mar 2000
how can i get the textures (only)
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SmallPileofGibs unregistered
#43   25 Feb 2000
Those who downloaded the rip version from here (dmmq3dm3b) and not the original map from www.dmmunderground.com (dmmq3dm3), will be missing a lot of the cool effects. To see the all the effects, get the original. If you don't have an S2K or a 3dfx card, then get this AS WELL as the original:


This is an addon with properly converted textures (done with S3's permission) so anyone can see the map as it was intended.

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Anaardvark unregistered
#42   25 Feb 2000
Hmmmm okay. The large original version of the map was designed for cards that supported texture compression yes?

I have a Geforce Annihilator. Now correct me if I am wrong but doesnt the Geforce support all 5 levels of Texture Compression Or was the high res version EXCLUSIVLY for the S3 cards??

I am running Win98/Win2k (duel boot) with nvidia detonator 3.68 (win98) drivers and 3.78 (win2k) (if it helps at all)

If anyone can help I am at aard18@hotmail.com


ps. what i played of it (with no textures) seems very cool, cant wait to try the low res version :)

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Grunt unregistered
#41   24 Feb 2000
A map in my taste. I like gib maps when you have to a lot of people to gib if you want to have fun. Good map! (9)
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Nurgle unregistered
#40   24 Feb 2000
ONly thing I want to say is..well I haven't played the map yet but the picture says it all.. this is classy! and very original. There are very very much maps out there with the same old q2 layout theme you know stairs walkways little yards blablbla it's been done you know. This one however is fresh and I can't wait to try it!
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banner boy unregistered
#39   21 Feb 2000
It's a cool map!!
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KewlMan unregistered
#38   20 Feb 2000
when i load up the map, i get NO TEXTURES!!!!! how do u fix this????
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kaled unregistered
#37   20 Feb 2000
oh, one more thing, I liked the idea of the globe, and I understand that having such a huge texture up to nice-looking rez wouldbe seriously taxing, especially in such an intricate environment in one of the biggest rooms on the map, but the fuzzines really bugged me. Then again playing with a 32meg tnt2u on a 700mhzp3 probably has me alittle on the picky side. still- massprops, spog
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Kaled unregistered
#36   20 Feb 2000
anything i say about this map would be moot because it's either already been said, or it's inexpressible. just...wow. Though I've never made a mpa m'self i did feel that a few jump-pads, perhaps leading to at least one decent-sized plane could lead to better ++player support, it feels like i'm playing one-on-one with many people at the same time, usually. lotsa frag-snatching and TONS of excelents come from the tight corridor batles that one can waltz into with an rl.
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Octovus unregistered
#35   17 Feb 2000
Whoah! Wtf were you on when you made this? I want some! That said, I think it's a compliment. Very kwl the way the globe was in middle of level... screenshot really doesn't show the level at all. Good all round (8 outa 10) but the bots... well, they seem to think lava makes a nice warm bath.

Happy fraggin! Octovus

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not entered unregistered
#34   16 Feb 2000
Freakin broken links!
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[-V1Ru5-] unregistered
#33   16 Feb 2000
Hehe ,Fryingpan you got the full version made especially for the diomond stealth and viper ][ cards for there special texture compression. Get the SMALLER version you will like it.
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EvilTypeGuy unregistered
#32   14 Feb 2000
Nice map spog. Definitely one of your better productions :)
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STKORN97 unregistered
#31   14 Feb 2000
I would just like to say that this map rules. Its a little big, but with the right amount of people, it kicks some serious A$$. Keep up the good work
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FryingPan unregistered
#30   12 Feb 2000
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Sundown unregistered
#29   12 Feb 2000
An insanely cool environment. I could live here, as long as I could find a way to teleport in food, beer, and women. Be sure to play with a good number of aggressive humans--or it gets a bit lonely. The bots (unless you spawn a lot them) are too awe-inspired by the surroundings to put up much of a fight here. But a helluva map!
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Tensun unregistered
#28   11 Feb 2000
ok today it is letting me download the map
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d3f3nd3r unregistered
#27   11 Feb 2000
Whoa...cool. This map seems to stutter a bit on my machine, but the environment is awesome and it flows quite well... it's kind of hard to reign over any one spot in this level, so you just have to keep moving, which results in some nice combat. Also I like the little niches in the walls here and there, which are a good place to hide so you can watch your enemies go by. ;) .. got snagged on outcroppings a few times, but it was well worth it for the awesome geometry of this level!
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0xide unregistered
#26   11 Feb 2000
I'm speechless.
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Tensun unregistered
#25   11 Feb 2000
uhh i go to download this map, so it loads up fileplanet in another window and it says "ADODB.Connection error '800a0e78'

The operation requested by the application is not allowed if the object is closed.

/ASPCommon/sqlcommon.asp, line 118"

and nothing else happens.

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Twitchfactor unregistered
#24   10 Feb 2000


It gets a 10 for ingenuity.

It gets a 6 for flow (could've used some teleporters at the bottom to get people back up to the top).

The globe is amazing, but the halways are amazing too! Man, the BSP must be crying! Amazing that it runs so fast.

Totally disorienting also. If you just travel in one direction for a while, you'll forget whether you're going up or down.


To get the globe-shader to work, turn HIGH QUALITY SKY ON (something I leave on always, but some guys @ work think the game needs to be played @ 80fps! Go figure).

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Kancer unregistered
#23   10 Feb 2000
Lelon-you didn't download the high quality version did you?

If you don't use that diamond card then make sure to download from this link


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Mindcrime unregistered
#22   10 Feb 2000
Yeah, but I'm still a Mindcrime nevertheless - since 1989, so :P


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Cutla$$ unregistered
#21   10 Feb 2000
Vondur... type

/r_fastsky 0

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Lelon unregistered
#20   10 Feb 2000

I didnt see ANY of the textures... how can i fix this?

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hmmm unregistered
#19   10 Feb 2000
one word


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Kancer unregistered
#18   10 Feb 2000
I'm looking forward to the properly converted version!! but otherwise this map rocks!
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The real Mindcrime unregistered
#17   10 Feb 2000
The Mindcrime that posted here should be not be confused with the l337 Nehahra Mindcrime :) Imposters, imposters, everywhere....
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Vondur unregistered
#16   10 Feb 2000
Superb map!

Brushwork blows away!

Keep on Spog!

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Mindcrime unregistered
#15   10 Feb 2000
For some reason whenever I play the map, the Earth texture is missing from the sphere (it's all bright white) and I suspect the teleporter textures aren't working either (they're the same white as the sphere) - I've got an NVIDIA TNT2 32mb video card and P3 600 cpu. Anyone have any idea what's up with that?

It's an awesome map, btw.

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smeghead unregistered
#14   10 Feb 2000
SPoG: Great map. I haven't really played it with actual people, but just the construction alone is enough to make me evaluate my current way of doing things.

I think this could be the start of a new wave of interesting maps...that is if people are up to the skill and challenge of making non-cube maps.

Good work man!

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SmallPileofGibs unregistered
#13   10 Feb 2000
Thanks for the comments =)

I'd like to have had more time to do the weapon/item placements, and to actually test it with humans.. the weapons could have been a lot better spread out and balanced.. but the bots seem to like it =).

I couldn't get the .arena file working either (last minute thing) so it doesnt show up in the menu unless you make one yourself.

I felt like doing something different from the norm for q3.. so the "armour + weapons high, health + powerups low" placement was another experiment, which forces you to keep fighting your way up higher to get the better items and weapons.

It think it does feel too corridory for a DM map.. it started as a single player map (that part with the earth and the corridors around it) and was converted to DM in a rather limited time.

Better placement of clip brushes would have improved the feel too.. also there are too many in the upper section, so it feels rather cramped in the corridors - it was fun in an early version where you could have a proper fight in them =).

Its also designed for strafe-jumping.. long curved steps are perfect for keeping your speed on the way up, so you can get from quad to RL in a pretty short time =).

In the end, the main goal of the map was to look awesome to show off the hardware - unfortunately the converted version is missing almost all of the better shader effects, so you don't get the full effect, but theres a properly converted version coming soon, i hear =).

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Kancer unregistered
#12   10 Feb 2000
About the only thing I can find wrong with this map is it doesn't show up in the q3 menu by default.

Otherwise it's really damn refreshing! No goth, no evil demons. Just a trippy map with cool little details and nice game flow.

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Senn unregistered
#11   09 Feb 2000
SPoG scares me. This map is just trippy... its unlike anything I have ever seen before and I doubt I will see anything as messed up and twisted as this, out of anyone but SPoG.

Awesome work with the curves and a lot of parts are very impressive to look at... but it does lack in gameplay.

SPoG is one crazy dude, look out =)

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Onimusha unregistered
#10   09 Feb 2000
This is probably the most amazing map you'll see for quake 3!

Item placment is a little "uh" but man it's just so cool to walk around !!

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RC unregistered
#9   09 Feb 2000
If M.C. Escher were alive and designing DM maps, he couldn't do better than this. :)
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AssBall unregistered
#8   09 Feb 2000
Very clever level. The hallways are just cool to walk through.

The weapon placement kind of annoyed me too. Because of the layout, it is difficult to do well with the shotgun and rail gun. I found that most fights were conducted with rocket launchers or lightning guns.

I like that a quick rocket jump can get you out of the lava or get you quickly up to an adjacent staircase in a hurry.

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Redrum unregistered
#7   09 Feb 2000
A very memorable map. 10 for orignality.

Flow is very intersting. It's actually very connected as long as your going downhill - loads of little pockets to fall through behind unsuspecting Quakers. Lots of grouping around the RL. Not very much around the Earth - which is a shame 'cos it looks kind of cool.

Item placement is kind of annoying. You can really hog the Rl becuase there's loads of health a few strafe jumps away. And the Quad is 10 seconds away not leaving you much time to clear out the rocket hogs.

The Rail is begging for severe camping - is that why there is a RL next to Earth above?

Speaking of strafe jumps, the upper corriders are very cool for that esp. going downhill.

I note the lack of jump pads which I didn't miss at all.

Navigation is tricky at first though I found it easy to understand after a few minutes.

Techically very well executed.

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Lizardman unregistered
#6   09 Feb 2000
Very well made map, but very easy to miss where you are going, due to the architecture very similar to itself in many places. The world globe was the only worthwhile detail about this map, and probably the only thing anyone else will remember from this stage. I've found it fun with 8+ players.
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DaveyC unregistered
#5   09 Feb 2000
Very nice looking but can get a bit samey. More people = more fun ;]
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Deadstar unregistered
#4   09 Feb 2000
Amazing map.
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Jazz unregistered
#3   09 Feb 2000
I like this map because its sortof like the JapanCTF map is....There is NO other map out there like it and the textures are a giant depart from the same boring old gothic/techno/space themes.
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smeghead unregistered
#2   09 Feb 2000
Well, what can I say..it's spog. After seeing his SPQ2 map I couldn't wait to see what was next. This map has some stunning architecture and great usage of curves. I don't think it is 'samey' throughout..it all fits the level. No real probs with this one except there is mabye a bit few too much hallway'ness(if that is a word). Great map!
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4Fuxache unregistered
#1   09 Feb 2000
Wow!! I really like this map.. kinda different, a bit samey everywhere in it though but yeah cool map. Prolly a "Hate it or Love it" sort a level.
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