Asunder by Laerth
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Takkie Rep. 1788
#37   17 Feb 2021
I agree with Emerald Tiger, this is also my favorite of the dmm maps. It has a unique atmosphere and it is quite pleasant to move around in. The gameplay is good and varies throughout the map. It also works well in TDM.
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EmeraldTiger Rep. 2553
#36   08 Oct 2020
Thanks for the review raspatan! Nice to see the DDS maps are finally receiving proper reviews after all these years. I think Asunder by Laerth is probably my favorite of the bunch, but the series overall has some real gems.
Edited 1.72 minutes after the original posting.
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H217 Rep. 470
#35   03 Mar 2013
Looks great!
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#34   28 Feb 2012
Not bad :). I like the concept and layout of the map. nice work. 8/10
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BigFreakinGun unregistered
#33   21 Jul 2000
So how many megs ram would this one take, like 100+? Since my baseq3 already contains about 230 megs of stuff. With a 5 gig HD, 64 megs RAM and having games like Diablo 2 that takes a gig to install (ridiculous) i dont want to use up 26 megs on one map. Sorry. Maybe a map with custom textures needs to be huge, but it doesnt need to be huge to be a good map. Look at the number one map, Coriolis Storm. Only 3 megs.
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Geforce & R@ge unregistered
#32   12 Jul 2000
All motherfuckers outside!!! I come from Berlin (Germany) and I thanks to this great one map... it´s greater than iD ever had seen... -P.S. please continue your work with those maps... great great great. maybe you can send me some interesting maps. e-mail: ( I´m your greatest fan) Geforce Annihil@tor & Ati R@ge Pro128
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Zarathustra unregistered
#31   08 Jul 2000
One more thing, sorry.

A map does need to be a 23MB if it is made of completely custom textures and sounds, etc., which most of this map is. Also, the textures are high quality, which means they can take up a bit more room as well.

If you do a memory check (meminfo in console) on any id software map, you'll find the total RAM footprint can be as much as 45-50 megabytes with bots. It can be even higher on some custom maps. The memory requirements for Q3DM1, a small map, are about 28-30MB with bots. And that's a small map. Most custom maps are only a couple megs zipped because they use stock id textures, which are already on your harddrive. So, the "extra memory requirements" really seem worth it for a brand new experience.

I say Viva la difference!

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Zarathustra unregistered
#30   08 Jul 2000
And judging the map purely by one small screenshot probably isn't doing the map justice. The screenshot really doesn't cover it.

You can certainly choose not to download it. That is perfectly fine. But you might not want to spend too much time criticizing it if you haven't even loaded it up yet.

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Zarathustra unregistered
#29   08 Jul 2000

Okay have it your way. In the mean time I'm going to enjoy this "plain old castle." :)

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BigFrekinGun unregistered
#28   06 Jul 2000
In other words, its a waste of memory, and by looking at the screenshot, it looks like just another plain old castle type map.
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BigFrekinGun unregistered
#27   06 Jul 2000
I had runtfest which also is 22 megs (after you unzip it) and it lagged like hell. So this file is 26 megs when it is zipped so it is probably even bigger unzipped. It will probably lag like hell as well. A map doesnt need to take up 26 megs to be a good map. Runtfest is kind of stupid anyway.
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:( unregistered
#26   05 Jul 2000
<--- Has a 33.6k modem.

Maybe I'll grab this overnight or something...

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Zarathustra unregistered
#25   05 Jul 2000
Oh, and BigFrekinGun:

I don't know what "too much memory" is, but I have to say I really don't care. Hard drives these days are humungous. And stuff like this is really worth the space IMO.

It's only 23MB. Big deal. You can even delete some of the other "not so good" maps to make room. If you have a fast connection this file size shouldn't stop you or even make you hesitate to download this map.

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Zarathustra unregistered
#24   05 Jul 2000
First impression on the visuals:


This is the kind of stuff 3D accelerators were made for, IMHO. A long-time fan of 3D gaming (since the voodoo1) I am really just overjoyed at what can be done on a home computer these days.

You gotta hand it to this map author for creating a stunning world to play in. Geforce owners should definitely get this map.

I feel sorry for people who have 56k modems and old video cards. They are really missing out, and will probably miss out even more in the future based on the incredible beauty and fun gameplay some authors have produced.

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BigFrekinGun unregistered
#23   04 Jul 2000
The huge file size tells me: "Dont Bother" I have cable. That would take about 4 minutes, but still too much memory to use on one map. Sorry.
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Locutus_MP unregistered
#22   10 Jun 2000
i just want to say now that i'm not voting for this map because i haven't downloaded it because the file size up there... makes me pee my pants. Damn 56k modems anyway.

And Lush... i resent that remark. (Waaayyyy down there) i myself am an HPB (dammit all to hell), and although i wouldn't call my system crappy, i guess it all depends on how you look at it. In any case, i would never rate a level based on my lack of system or game performance. Not ALL of us are that low. Geez...

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Assassin unregistered
#21   18 May 2000
Pretty well !
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Enis Özkaya unregistered
#20   18 May 2000
Coooooooool map !!!!!!!!!!!
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d3f3nd3r unregistered
#19   11 Apr 2000
I agree with the earlier comments; this map is really fun and doesn't stick to one style of gameplay.. it has long range combat, death from above, and in your face boomstick toting -- all in one map! The connectivity is also very, very good. 10/10.
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Pocke unregistered
#18   26 Mar 2000
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Lelon unregistered
#17   14 Mar 2000
Bots play well. I shows up on the map menu. Its a beatufil map. Framerate isnt horrible. A 10 from me (my first 10 btw)
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hehe unregistered
#16   07 Mar 2000
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McFly unregistered
#15   06 Mar 2000
Got the new .EXE and it works. It seems,however, that I must be running an insanely slow system for these maps. It takes literally 5 to 10 minutes for them to load (snapshot), and even at 640x480 the frame rate is absolutely ridiculously slow when they finally do start. Not one of the maps off the Diamond site will run. I guess a 400 Celeron II OC'd to 430 w/ 128M of RAM and a Viper 550 just wont cut it any more. Bummer.

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McFly unregistered
#14   06 Mar 2000
The descript obove says this'll play on any platform with any card that currently runs Q3A. Laerth sent me an email saying I needed a special Q3 executable out of files from this site. So which is correct? McFly thanks you in advance-
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toofast unregistered
#13   05 Mar 2000
Same as McFly. I just dloaded a pile of "exclusive maps" but I only get a gray+white grid. Totally playable, but no textures! Wassup? thx
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McFly unregistered
#12   05 Mar 2000
i get nada. just black-n-white w/ an occasional model (+sound). Why? I've loaded it just like every other map, but it not worky (neither do any others off this Diamond site. Plus, I'm running a Diamond card! Way weird!
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Haywire unregistered
#11   03 Mar 2000
a realy good map

i wish i could do as good i liked it heeps

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Cheater(DaTaThieF) unregistered
#10   24 Feb 2000
Realy cool }:)
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& Dumber unregistered
#9   20 Feb 2000
Too manny maps in you Baseq3 Folder, weed em down to 30-40 maps
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Dumb unregistered
#8   13 Feb 2000
I had the same problem that [SDK]Reveal had with the Addict map that was floating around. Anyone know why this happens?
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Sundown unregistered
#7   12 Feb 2000
A lot of care went into this map. It's the best of the S3 levels. Its like Hexen II without the stupid weapons. Just remember to populate this map with 6+ dudes n' gals.
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[SDK]Reveal unregistered
#6   11 Feb 2000
has problems to play it. (all dmmq3dmXb.bsp maps)

Loading screen comes up, sound loading is all right, and if it comes to the bsp file, after a short time it leaves and goes back to the main menu. why?? anybody knows? would be great if someone could tell me... thx in advance


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Baz unregistered
#5   11 Feb 2000
This map is way better,

then most of the original maps

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Lush unregistered
#4   09 Feb 2000
Nice wide hallways for comfortable gameplay. The weapons are in the right places. I like rocket launcher to red armor to rail to quad circuit. cept for one misaligned light texture(i cried) the design is flawless and beautiful. who could give this anything less than a 10? maybe an hpb with a crappy system.
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AssBall unregistered
#3   09 Feb 2000
A good mid sized map with some great use of textures. Itme placement was good and the layout was about right. It is one of the better DM maps I have played.
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zfx unregistered
#2   09 Feb 2000
this may be one of the best maps ive ever played

nice size 6 + players

well textured

great layout

there is something for everyone sniper, run and hide, run and blast everything

just a great map

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smeghead unregistered
#1   09 Feb 2000
One of the better maps of the group, this map has a look similar to ztn's map but with a bit more of a gothic flare. Pretty cool. I just wish I could see the dds versions in all they're glory at full speed :)
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