The Crossroads
The Crossroads by AzrKnight
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FragTastic Rep. 2333
#24   11 Jan 2012
Poor Map to be honest. Gameplay is absolutely catastrophic ):. 1/10
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RRROOOAAARRR unregistered
#23   22 Aug 2000
Another word to the wise... it can sometimes help to type:

/sv_pure 0

before you start trying to play downloaded maps - seems to help.

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$u$h| }{ unregistered
#22   23 May 2000
Just a word to t he wise, If a ma doesnt show up on your map selection, you have to go into console and type in:

/map ((map name))

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lelon unregistered
#21   14 May 2000
this doesnt show up in my map menu. gets a 0 from me

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Ataryan unregistered
#20   16 Apr 2000
All you V3k owners out there ought to put their AGP on 100Mhz, d/l the newest wickedGL drivers and buy a real CPU [jeppers, that's intel/motorola]

Thanks for your attention

BTW: great map!

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AzrKnight unregistered
#19   09 Mar 2000
I'll look into the shader problems and release a revision to the map "soon".... Here I have no shader problems...

Something was obviously "broken" during the conversion. Also, I know there are some bugs in the map and I'll fix those while I'm in there... 22 hours was a bit rushed on this map and now it needs some fine tuning.

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tomo unregistered
#18   08 Mar 2000
this map has a shader problem


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djembe unregistered
#17   03 Mar 2000
Ahhhh, I got it, it's not my ignorance. At least, not totally.

The fileplanet | ftp.cdrom links lead to the proper .pk3.

If you download the map from the "There is a high quality, official release version for download right here" link directly under it you go to the Diamond S3 site. Unfortunately, that's what I'd done...hmmmph...the file posted there is much larger and apparently has textures only intended for S3 video cards. (Right?)

But, ahhhh, nice map! (now that's it's textured) Love it.

Fast, balanced, & attractive on my machine. We'll play this often here on the company LAN.


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djembe unregistered
#16   02 Mar 2000
Excuse my ignorance, but this map is intended to work with non S3 cards right? I have the same shader problems (assumption)as others who have posted. It behaves the same on Voodoo 3 3000 and my GeForce DDR.

The gameflow seems very good to me and several others who've played it on a LAN despite the "ugly missing texture of death" ambiance.

I'd love to see it in it's textured glory. Any fixes or a newer version available?

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YaBoZe unregistered
#15   23 Feb 2000
This map screws up other maps, including Q3DM12 (id). It messes up the jump pads on other maps. And yes, it does have shader problems. It is a bit laggy too. With some work, it could be really good.

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noddy unregistered
#14   19 Feb 2000
this map has a shader problem

the dredworks jump pads at the red armor disapear

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EvilTypeGuy unregistered
#13   14 Feb 2000
Awesome map, I spent hours playing this one over and over :) The flow rocks, if you can't handle it, get over it :) And it runs great on my Viper II, and looks better than the lameo converted version :)
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Sundown unregistered
#12   12 Feb 2000
One hell of an architectural achievement--I just didn't find it that much fun to play.
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Senn unregistered
#11   11 Feb 2000
Great fun on this map! The item placement is wonderful and the gameplay is fast.

An excellent "Space Flinger" as I have grown to call them. I think this map is the best in the S3 bunch.

Some of the architecture in the far end platforms could use a little bit more "stuff", but the framerates are already tipsy as it were.

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Quaker-X unregistered
#10   11 Feb 2000
hey what is worng with this map? space maps are the best and this one is just as good as all the others out there. it runs fine on my pc also.
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ompah unregistered
#9   11 Feb 2000
what the hell are you guys complaining about? .. i have a regular tnt and my fps never drops below 34 on this map .. secondly the gameplay is GREAT on this map .. most of the mappers out there are forgetting the funfactor only concentrating on the pretty lights in the sky .. this map and some maps by peej are the only "outofgame" maps that are worth playing!
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AzrKnight unregistered
#8   10 Feb 2000
Truth be told, this is not the original level I had built for the project. I was forced to switch levels towards the end of the project due to some internal issues that I won't discuss here... The map is what it is... I built this is 22 hours and runs perfectly on my machine with the Viper2, which is what it was intended for... As for the level I was working on before I had to switch this heap... I'll be releasing that shortly to the public after I retexture and test it... /Azr
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hyrax unregistered
#7   09 Feb 2000
hey, just wondering, i have a S3 Savage 4, will the original's run on mine?!?
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smeghead unregistered
#6   09 Feb 2000
Okay map. Not my favorite of the bunch, but that probably is because I have a bias against most space/void maps. Thought it looked pretty good even though it did give my machine a performance hit.
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Holesinswiss unregistered
#5   09 Feb 2000
Glad to see FilePlanet is so reliable so we can download these files. disgusted cough
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Johnny Law unregistered
#4   09 Feb 2000
Just FYI Tig, there's a link on Blue's News to a Diamond forum where some Diamond head honcho gives official permission for the converted maps.

I agree with you though that it's a damn shame to throw out all that alpha channel information. Best of luck getting Diamond/S3 to release "normal" versions.

Actually, I'm going to ask about this on the QBoard... since Diamond has said it's OK to have non-DDS versions, maybe the original map authors can help us out.

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ricco the destroyer unregistered
#3   09 Feb 2000
best I´ve ever seen
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Twitchfactor unregistered
#2   09 Feb 2000
Brings my K6-2 450/TNT2-Ultra to a crawl.

Also, the flow is horrible.

The pads that launch you onto the "runways" are cool, but you can't just jump back.

Not sure why it's in the Diamond pack. Maybe they just "needed" a space map and couldn't find better?

Competantly built, but not very fun...and SLOW!

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AssBall unregistered
#1   09 Feb 2000
I have a voodoo3, so was elated when the DMM maps were rereleased for the common person. They are all fantastic maps that look gorgeous. However, of the seven, this one is the worst. Looking accross the entire map cut my framerate to bits, and I found the jumping to each platform via jumpad to get annoying after a time. This is still a good map, but don't base your opinion of the DMM maps off of this one, which happens to be dmmq3dm2(b).
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