lvl_arena readme
// ======example only======29.mar.00

// this arena.txt needs to be renamed
// to lvl.arena if you wish to use it

// this is an example .arena file for Quake 3 Arena. It is how you make
// levels appear in the Q3A menu if they don't already.
// this info was distributed by ..::LvL ( )

// ======windows instructions only======
// * all .pk3's need to be in your /baseq3a/ folder

// * this file needs to be named <your name>.arena and needs
// be saved into a baseq3/scripts/ folder.

// * You then need to zip up the scripts folder with directory
// structure (use 7zip from Save the file
// as <yourname>.zip

// * Select <yourname>.zip in Explorer, hit F2, then change the file

// extension from .zip to .pk3 (if you don't have file extensions
// switched on you can from Windows Explorer by selecting *tools*
// *folder options*)
// * move <yourname>.pk3 to you /baseq3/ folder

// * start up Q3A and select the map you want

map "tig_one"
longname "One Down"
bots "klesk uriel"
fraglimit 20
type "ffa tourney"
map "dmmq3dm3"
longname "Lonely Planet"
bots "klesk uriel orbb sorlag doom"
fraglimit 20
type "ffa"
map "halctf2"
longname "Castles Arrrghhh"
bots "klesk uriel lucy hunter biker"
fraglimit 20
type "ctf"

// you can keep adding maps to this list

// *map* is the name of the .bsp (not always the same as the pk3 name)
// *longname* is the title of the map, often found in the <filename>.txt
// *bots* is what bots to play, its optional
// *fraglimit* is pretty clear what this is :], and its optional
// *type* is the gametype for the map, you can add all types or just one

// any line with a // in front is not need within the .arena file,
// its just a note :]

// the three maps above can be downloaded from LvL, just do a search
// for them at

// hope this file helps

// Tigger-oN