Wicked (cpm1a)
Wicked (cpm1a) by FxR|jude & Decker
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Wario064 Rep. 1
#30   09 Dec 2019
This map was always too much of a spawn fragfest for my liking. 2.5 out of 5.
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FragTastic Rep. 2325
#29   29 Jan 2012
Looks fun and very cool :D. 9.5/10
Edited: 29 Jan 2012 AEST
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Wesley Tack unregistered
#28   23 Feb 2010
My brother and myself have been playing this level for over a year now in LAN 1on1. It's the only map we play and it's a great layout and design, overall one of the best quick to play DM levels out there imHo. Great work on the original design, but the 2nd version is better due to material use and item placement, great collaboration from you two!


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Hooyaah Rep. 599
#27   20 Feb 2010
I am pleased that this map was featured; with literally thousands of maps here at LvL it is not uncommon to miss one, even a keeper like this. This is one creation that I am glad to have; I'm zipping a copy to my baseq3 and saving a copy in a safe place.
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v1l3 Rep. 1535
#26   13 Feb 2010
This map is in a movie on youtube..well, I should say the cpm1 version of it is:


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Foralarx Rep. 688
#25   05 Sep 2009
Like Jude I wasn't sure about the YA/RL change at first but overtime I came to like it, it just made sense. Decker did an awesome job with the re-texture. The crisp clean lines really make the level shine. I agree with Takkie on this one it's a straight ten from me also.
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Takkie unregistered
#24   03 Sep 2009
This is it.
A straight 10!
What's more to say?
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spirit Rep. 715
#23   03 Jan 2007
My favorite CPM 1vs1 map. Thumbs up for both gameplay and texturing.
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gene7 unregistered
#22   09 Oct 2004
you did a good thing
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nzn-masoca unregistered
#21   18 Jun 2001
a really good very good map for 1 vs 1 (it's also good for ffa whit 10 friends, gg =))
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Knight Cloud unregistered
#20   05 Apr 2001
Good Job.
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cin unregistered
#19   04 Apr 2001
niptlar, if you like the "furious feel of quake 1", go play quakeworld.

The rail-gun is part of quake 3, deal with it.

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FxR|jude unregistered
#18   04 Jan 2001
sigh - im not a hardcore tourney player.. i do play the odd duel every now and then but 80% of my gaming consists of Q2 ffa. I dont know where you got that idea from.

Anyways, the main reason that this map is 'popular' (no ego.. it's true) is because of Roos from Poland, not because of me.

i could explain here, but read my homepage. it has the history (if you like) of q3jdm8a/cpm1.

Niptlar - yeah, clowning around wasnt great looking. Iv'e never considered myself an interior designer (heh, that should be obvious) but i can put together a map which plays decently. Hence the reason why i asked Decker to re-texture cpm1. He did a great job. I'm still not 100% on the YA/RL change, but most of the people i talk to prefer it that way. shrug


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stromside unregistered
#17   30 Dec 2000
shut up niptlar that map is cool

now i can pratice with the railgun

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Niptlar unregistered
#16   30 Dec 2000
"your all stupid"

This is hardly a sign of brilliance.

At any rate, there are plenty of justifications that cpm1a (and especially its predecessor) are not perfect. The exactness required by some jumps, the rocket ammo near the RL, and the density of weapons in the lower half of the map are problems I have with this map, and I have a right to those opinions; the teleport, Railgun clip excess, and YA-YA proximity combined of cpm1 with the average appearance (not like I care a lot, but I do care) and my despisement of the Railgun for 1v1 maps (the Rail slows gameplay, takes away from furious feel of Quake 1) was enough to keep the older version off of my HD altogether. These problems may not bother you. They may even appear as "features" to you, and you are entitled to your own values; just don't impose your values on anyone else.

I think I like "Use of Weapons" better than Wicked; the gameflow may be slightly weaker, but the MH + YA combo gives the game much more depth than the YA + YA pairing ever could (trickier respawn times). I originally thought mrcq3t4 was going to really be one of the greatest things for 1v1, but the connectivity couldn't even touch q3dm13.

I think jude should thank Decker. And if it means anything, I think jude's "Clowning Around" just plain sucks.

Sorry, I had to end with a little bit of rhetoric. :p

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xfoo unregistered
#15   28 Dec 2000
your all stupid and should go thank decker for putting in his own free time to do textures.
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Opulent unregistered
#14   28 Dec 2000
Come on. What do you guys play this game for?

This map is everything a tourney map should be.

There is a reason why it is CPM1. Other than ztn3dm1, I dare you to name a third-party map that is better.

Go grab some demos and see for yourself.

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Hubster unregistered
#13   28 Dec 2000
Sigh: you're a knobjockey buddy! This is THE best Q3 map out there, its simple and packed with action. Obviously, youre one of "those" clueless people who seem to think pretty shaders and high poly architecture is more important than gameflow!

Decker and Jude - I grabbed this version as soon it the fxr site had it up, and i think its a brilliant evolution from the original. Item shifts do seem a little wierd, but isnt a bad thing: now we have two versions from which to choose from. IMHO, thats just isnt a bad thing at all:-)


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wviperw unregistered
#12   28 Dec 2000
Great tourney map IMO. I haven't played the previous versions, or other maps that "simply eat this one alive", but I think this one is pretty good. I didn't even know the author was a HC tourney player.
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not entered unregistered
#11   27 Dec 2000
Sigh: since when is Jude a hardcore tourney player? Get a clue, he isn't! So why is it popular? Maybe some people find it fun perhaps.
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Sigh unregistered
#10   27 Dec 2000
Why is this map so popular? There are dozens of maps that simply eat this one alive in terms of both looks and gameplay. If the author wasn't a hardcore tourney player, would anyone have ever heard of or even cared about this map? I don't think so, which makes it's popularity all the more abrasive to people who actually put effort into making a map look like something more than an awkward collection of brushes. Which is exactly what this map is.
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Swelt unregistered
#9   27 Dec 2000

This map rocked when it was q3jdm8a and when it was cpm1. Sure the texturing was a bit bland but the gameplay rocked.

So why move the YA? The whole point of this map was to run the 2 YA's - having them close made for great battles at YA spawn time... moving one up out of the way spoils this (imho).

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BURNRATE unregistered
#8   26 Dec 2000
This is such a fun map for tourneys. It probably sucks with bots, but get some real people on it, and it rocks.

As for the remake, the first time I saw it, I was playing with Jude on a Lan. He jumped in and said, 'whoa ... this is the old version.' Coppied the new one, and I was astonished.

I think the first version had the gameplay down ... this version has the slickness to match. Good job to both jude and decker.

And yes, it is best used with cpm ... there are a few jumps that can be a bit tricky in q3 :).

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DruZli unregistered
#7   26 Dec 2000
This just looks great to me and "feels" much more solid.Texturing a old popular map is hard job to do and i think decker has done a perfect jop here.Ligthning is much better.Itemswitching is a good part too because it´s not 4 sec armorrunning all the time.

Great job Decker!!

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Niptlar unregistered
#6   25 Dec 2000
It is nice to see that two of the Rail clips are gone, but the weapons just feel too close together, and having rocket ammo next to an RL is not good for gameflow. I think the level looks slightly better, but /r_picmip 8 can be very misleading in that since. :P

Better, but not quite there ... still.

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Twitchfactor unregistered
#5   24 Dec 2000
Not bad at all. The item placement's a bit odd. I think people should have to fight a bit harder for the railgun, but that doesn't spoil the map.

Neither does the lack of clip_brushes around the teleporters.

Glad to see something that's not using the same old texture sets we've been looking at for a year now.

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Dirty_Balls unregistered
#4   24 Dec 2000
my opinion is that it was too darn plain it just didnt keep me interested i played it for like 40 seconds then deleted it sorry thats my 2 cents.
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Tetzlaff unregistered
#3   24 Dec 2000
I more liked the Quake1-ish look of the original Wicked, this new version is too clean and shiny. But not bad as well, and at least it now has bot support.
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macho unregistered
#2   24 Dec 2000
Why the teleports was not clipped?

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ki11ingtime unregistered
#1   24 Dec 2000
It's name describes it perfectly
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