Midnights Possession
Midnights Possession by Christopher (killer) Miller
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Nitebeat unregistered
#6   31 Jul 2002
nice map =) had fun playing this one. Not too dark, just fine. Depends on personal taste I guess =-p =)
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wat eva unregistered
#5   06 Jan 2001
too dark!no worries .... I've made all new bright colored skins for all my fav bots ... LOL
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Dadzilla unregistered
#4   30 Dec 2000
Love it...cool layout!
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sparq-l unregistered
#3   26 Dec 2000
this reminds me, as Al Gecko said of majesy. But has a hint of "Pandora" a good map for little DM games on my LAN... I like it
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Al Gecko unregistered
#2   26 Dec 2000
Reminds me of the -superior- map 'Majesty'.
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Timmy!!! unregistered
#1   25 Dec 2000
Nice map
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