Re-Gib Coliseum
Re-Gib Coliseum by Jax_Gator
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Taz_FL unregistered
#8   01 Jan 2001
As stated by a few others in here, this map is perfect for a larger number of players and really does play well with the larger group. As far as the main room, it is indeed fun for railing, if your any good with a railgun the size of the room doesn't matter, i have witnessed some incredable rail shots in that room.

Also Like the others said, you really need to check out his next map, it's in the rotation at the BG server and also gets voted in allot.

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OLD WARRIOR unregistered
#7   01 Jan 2001
YES ! The Death Cage Match,

with Gauntlets only,3 or 4 in

there,and it's mayhem,and the

2 secrets,Red Armor,and Invis,

great map !

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#6   31 Dec 2000
Jax_Gator: Email is updated, thanx
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WiccanHP unregistered
#5   31 Dec 2000
Fun map with a new flavor. Nice use of colored lights, and very cool custom teleporters! Fun map for rail sniping/wars.
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Rackat unregistered
#4   31 Dec 2000
The "Stupidly large rooms" are great for rail fights. 2-4 people in the main room with railguns makes for some interesting strategies to outdual your opponent.

This is a map for thinkers. The "BFG trap" is easily outmaneuvered if you pick up a certain powerup. You then leave the "trap" with a hefty weapon!

While I agree that there could have been some better game flow, I think this is an excellent map. It combines large open rooms for railfights with smaller corridors that make for great close-in fighting..

One last comment about the trap. Try a Death Cage Match with 3-5 people in that little cell! Talk about some hillarious fun!

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Jax_Gator unregistered
#3   30 Dec 2000
Well thanks guys!

Yes, this is my first publicly released map and probably could have used some more tweaking.

I'm not sure if the reviewer played this map against humans on a server or just BOTS but we at the Burial Grounds server know that this map plays quite well with a large group (8-12) which it was built for.

I have since submitted my 2nd map (jaxdm3 - House of Shannara)here at LvL and maybe it will fair a little better.

BTW, my email has since changed and is now


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OLD WARRIOR unregistered
#2   30 Dec 2000
I like the map,period. my 2c's

and yes it's his first,but

iv'e played some maps that

should have never been released,

and compared to Jax's his


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^^Ch@os^^ unregistered
#1   29 Dec 2000
This is Jax_Gator's first map....but I still like it. However, jax3dm2 is definitely a much better map. I urge everyone to check out his next map House of Shannara right here!

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

I still think you should give Re-Gib a shot can be fun with larger groups of people.

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