Wicked (cpm1a)
Screenshot for Wicked (cpm1a) by FxR|jude and Decker
Added: 24 Dec, 2000   More than 15 years old Has been a featured release Over 50 votes. A 360 degree panorama is available. A version of this map is available on Quake Live.
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Normally we do not re-review levels here at ..::LvL but this is a little bit different. A lot of people have asked for this map, so here it is. Jude's level Wicked in its original form was reviewed on the 13.Jan.2000. This version was re-built and textured by Decker using hfx textures and looks great. Wicked now feels like a complete and finished Tourney level that you should have on your hard drive at all times. It is also the first level in the Challenge ProMode map pack. If you have an old copy of Wicked you really should update. Bots play fine but maybe a little easy. Best used with the CPM mod.

A custom classic - grab it now.

Ranked:   3.7 out of 5 (total votes: 67)
Download from:   MH Gaming   or   ..::LvL

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