Up Close and Personal
Up Close and Personal by DruZli
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raspatan Rep. 4508
#40   07 Jul 2020
Oh what a fast-paced map. Very very fun, well design. A few refinements would have improved the brushes, making it a bit less coarse. But it is really addictive. A shame the mapper stopped working on maps.
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FragTastic Rep. 2333
#39   03 Sep 2012
Pretty impressive to be honest. Let's just say it's quite ''Enjoyable'' . 7/10
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Takkie Rep. 1798
#38   11 Dec 2009
I really, really like this map!
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LGD*Foralarx unregistered
#37   13 Jan 2006
A great map with an apt and perfect name. :)
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Bios.:.Phear unregistered
#36   08 Jan 2002
Gameflow: good
framerate: good
texturing: dull
atmosphere: nill
suggestions: use contrasting visuals
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lurk-flyer unregistered
#35   12 Dec 2000
Very cool map !

Its the best Icelandic map I have ever seen !

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Hi-C unregistered
#34   01 Dec 2000
Brutal and fast. Fun jumps. Love it.
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Tyre unregistered
#33   01 Dec 2000
Oops - sorry.
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DruZli unregistered
#32   29 Nov 2000
Check in tourney menu:)

This is a tourney map so it doesnt show up in other menus.

If ppl wanna play it in other gametypes they will have to start the game in that gametype and then type my mapname in console /map d3xf1.

Hope this clear thingz



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Tyre unregistered
#31   29 Nov 2000
If he can do such good maps, maybe he can work out how to get them to show up in the console ... just a little consideration for Joe Public ...
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Fast Eddie unregistered
#30   28 Nov 2000
No, no missing textures, just the warning, but cheers anyway.

Thanks to Tig as well.

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DruZli unregistered
#29   28 Nov 2000
So true but i havent notice this in my pc and noone have told me this before.Hope all textures are there and this doesnt effect nothing. Thx for all this good comments!!



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Tigger-oN unregistered
#28   28 Nov 2000
Fast Eddie (and others) - Thats a minor error that comes from compiling a level with an incorrect .shader. It has no real effect on game play or performace (that I've noticed anyway). The only way to fix it is to recompile the level with the .shader fixed up, often its as simple as a .tga file is missing thats refferenced in the .shader at compile time.

Bottom line, nothing you can do about it and nothing to really worry about, however mappers should make an effort to fix them.

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Sheephead unregistered
#27   28 Nov 2000
Go boy go!!
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xfoo unregistered
#26   27 Nov 2000
hrm, sounds like one of the textures of decker's druzli added in doesnt work right. fast eddie, when you look at the jump pads are they messed up? as in a missing texture or not flashing?
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Fast Eddie unregistered
#25   27 Nov 2000
Yup,i have to agree with everyone, excellent map indeed....but i am having a problem no one else has mentioned. When i bring down the console i am getting one of those yellow messages saying,

WARNING: shader 'textures/decker/decker_tele' has lightmap but no lightmap stage! could someone let me know what this means and how i can go about fixing it? I'm pretty new to q3arena so go easy please. Thanks in advance.

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Aod Lonken unregistered
#24   26 Nov 2000
I dont really know what to say, this map is very nice. Multiple levels, nice weapon placment, bots play fine... oh wait, thats it! The bots tend to stay near the middle. I almost never see them navigate the level. This level still gets my props. Keeep em' comin.
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Sundown unregistered
#23   26 Nov 2000
Good stuff maynard, addictive as hell. Blows many of the original CPM maps right out da water! For you bot nuts, try the Lakerbot on this level...much better 1v1 than ID's standard goofballs.
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Witz unregistered
#22   24 Nov 2000
LOL - dunno which bots you're playing but the ones i've taken on havent been much of a problem - even on nightmare. If there had been a railgun on the map we'd all be history but there aint :)

Great map druz.

(BTW: It's addictive, not addicting)

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RainmanTD unregistered
#21   23 Nov 2000
Who judges a map by the bots? I do. I Russia internet connection speed sucks most of the time, and bots are an acceptable solution of this prob. However, after I wrote the prev msg I went to play this map via LAN, and that was GREAT!!! That was damnitGREAT!!!
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RushFur unregistered
#20   23 Nov 2000
Well Druzli, looks like you are becoming the mapper king:)

Excellent map.

I'm gonna try to follow your footsteps:)

Best regards


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bucker unregistered
#19   22 Nov 2000
Very well done, highly entertaining, good flow. I like small maps (no hunting, low end system, lots of frags.

More please :)

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pleymó unregistered
#18   21 Nov 2000
10.. bíkos júr mín bró sko
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CyNic unregistered
#17   21 Nov 2000
very very very nice map.

keep up the good work

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xfoo unregistered
#16   21 Nov 2000
but seriously, who REALLY judges a map by the bots? the bots cant do any of the jumps or understand how to 1v1, they just ffa with awesome aim.
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KaZoom unregistered
#15   21 Nov 2000
m4d w0rk! k33p up 7h4 900d w0rk 501di4h!

ps. I'm 1337 ;P

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DruZli unregistered
#14   21 Nov 2000
Hi and Thx for all this positive comments. I will be working on my visuals skills :)

Btw i kick nigthmare bot´s ass on my map...Honestly :Þ



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RainmanTD unregistered
#13   21 Nov 2000
I like the map, and the item placement is good. Unfortunately, absolutely unplayable with nightmare bots. (to compare I easily kick Nighmare Xaero's... nevermind on q3tourney6) But the map's realy worth downloading even if it was 3 times larger. Good 9.
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micamica1217 unregistered
#12   20 Nov 2000
well I hate 1on1 lvls but this was just plain fun.

lighting was good and item placement right on.

most of all the lvl was not so big that u have to go hunting.

love the verticle fighting.

9 out of 10

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nitin unregistered
#11   20 Nov 2000
gameplay is about a 9 or 10, looks are about 6. Average is 8. Nice job Druzli. A fresher or more detailed theme would have made it a classic.
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xfoo unregistered
#10   19 Nov 2000
mmmmmmmmm druzli
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n1-AgenT unregistered
#9   19 Nov 2000
Indeed this map is addicting. Although I usually hate small maps that favor all out aggressiveness, this map was addicting to play.

If you need more info about DruZli and his views on mapping feel free to visit www.challenge-tv.com/interviews/ </plug> :P

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Johnny Law unregistered
#8   19 Nov 2000
Best looking map from DruZli so far, and also plays great in its own way. There's no real extended tactics or trying to guess what your opponent is doing here; it's "circus style" duel with players bouncing in and around the architecture like superballs and fighting almost constantly.

Check out the demos, they're good demonstrations of the map from a couple of good players.

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SermoN unregistered
#7   19 Nov 2000
Very good gameplay....prolly Your best map (My opinion) Keep 'em coming d00d

-Good work-

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Scorpio-X unregistered
#6   19 Nov 2000
Veru fast paced map which require good combat skills from the players. I like those :)

GW man.

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Decker unregistered
#5   19 Nov 2000
DruZli has a knack for making addictive maps and this one is no exception. Excellent work DruZli!
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Uncas unregistered
#4   19 Nov 2000
Another great work by Druzli. Very addictive indeed :)
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NEWbe unregistered
#3   19 Nov 2000
Can this map be used for a 3some deathmatch. It's getting good comments and we play on an internal lan with 3.
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WarWachine unregistered
#2   19 Nov 2000
yes a very nice 1v1 map it was a blast with a bot but carnt wait to play it with a human,i also watched the demo i really enjoyed the demo a great match to watch.. :)War
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izeColt unregistered
#1   19 Nov 2000

Well map indeed. Good layout and some nice ideas. Actually, hardcore bot kicked my butt in this arena. Damn! I'm gonna get that little bastard some day, I will... ;)

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