Last Fortress
Last Fortress by Q-Fraggel
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ric unregistered
#34   27 Mar 2015
@obstroc: ty & yw ;-)
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obstroc unregistered
#33   26 Mar 2015
@ ric: excellent description, I did it with your help and the gl helped also :D. Thank you very much, this will add some fun for sure. All secrets reached and all of your hints are working fine. So thumbs up and greetings.
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ric unregistered
#32   24 Mar 2015
obstroc - there are 2 ways i've found to get the quad. (1) while facing ya & quad, get rl. go left, will see large green cylinder on right. nearby left is a small stairstep to a ledge. go up there, 3 steps i recall. walk to hidden doorway. go in. there is a "flight" tech there. get, & walk out. go back way came to face ya & quad, this time go right. large window on left. go past a little ways. look down. jumppad. look up - hidden ledge. now use the newly aquired "flight" tech to go to upper ledge; or, the other way is (2) just do a rj off the jumppad on bottom to reach the hidden ledge.
hope this is clear and easy to understand.
rl=rocket launcer; ya-yellow armor; rj=rocket jump; gl=good luck :-)
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obstroc unregistered
#31   23 Mar 2015
Still a nice one. Sadly I missed how to get access to the quad. The demos are not downloadable anymore (dead link from Q-fraggel posted once). Nevertheless, interesting layout and very fun gameplay. Sadly I missed that one in the past. But hey, io-quake brings it back :).
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Commander Keen unregistered
#30   18 Jul 2002
Can anyone tell me the difference between qfraggel2 and qfraggel2a is there a bug in the first map or was it just a second release with new item placement?
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hmmz unregistered
#29   03 Jun 2001
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xbb4 unregistered
#28   27 May 2001
awesome map gameplay = good
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underworldfan unregistered
#27   02 Apr 2001
cool...........i love the way the items are spread out around the map....makes gameplay more fun
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Ping Floyd unregistered
#26   19 Mar 2001
This map has remained one of my very few favorites for quite some time,it is very smooth,well made and has a great atmosphere,I only wish the nicely made water area would get used more,there should be something else down there.

The green hallway totally reminds me of that Death Star detention area,It makes me really want to see a REAL Star Wars map too.I never get tired of this one,excellent all around.

You reach the quad by rocket jumping off the bounce pad near the red armor,when you get on that bridge,jump of it once too :)

Superior map,grab it NOW!

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BigFreakinGun unregistered
#25   21 Feb 2001
How do you get outside to where the quad is? I know where the flight is though.

Anyway, awesome map. One of my favorites.

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Clandestine unregistered
#24   11 Dec 2000
incredible. loved the old quake feel with the new quake look. excellent in every aspect of mapping.

thanks for producing quality work...!

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Timmy!!! unregistered
#23   05 Dec 2000
Fucking awesome!!! A keeper for sure.
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Ferrao unregistered
#22   04 Dec 2000
Sorry, Fraggel, for not checking this one earlier. Well, what can u say about this...its so brilliant. Perfect textures, perfect lighting, almost perfect architecture (I found it a bit narrow on some corridors but thats a question of taste).

This map got soul, GET IT.

The RA-plateau and sorroundings are my favourite architectural elements. And I found the flight;).

Just one thing: the GL is very mighty in it`s position there, especially against bots.

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Da§tinger unregistered
#21   26 Nov 2000
The best map I have ever tried! This map has a beautiful skybox, nice textures, perfect lighting, and great item placement. A nice large level with open area is always the best.I believe this is better then any of the ID maps. I did find the Quad Damage in about 5 minutes though 8-Þ
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broskall unregistered
#20   25 Nov 2000
I haven't got a clue how to make a map,this map is terrible.

If i had a good map i .......

It dosen't mater,so do not test this map.

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YaBoZe unregistered
#19   25 Nov 2000
FANTASTIC MAP. I haven't enjoyed a map like this in a while. Great layout, bots go everywhere. Haven't found the Quad yet, will look at the secrets web page. Great textures. Well done.

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ResidentSCUM unregistered
#18   24 Nov 2000
Well, now this is a very nice project finished very well in all aspects; construction, lighting, sfx, SOUNDS and great gameplay (DM anyway). Item placement seems well done also. Have to congratulate you on this one, Q-Fraggel, great job. Nice glass too!
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micamica1217 unregistered
#17   21 Nov 2000
well this is more my style.

a large dm/team map that has good cunductivety and lots of action.

item placement is great(not too much health or amo).

no real dominating weapon,and armor is keaped to to a minamum.

running around this lvl is manditory to keep you powered up.

quad is nice,but fly is almost not usefull here.

yes I love it...

yes it gets a 10!!!

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Johnny unregistered
#16   21 Nov 2000
This is an extremely high quality map. The visuals, and layout are simply splendid. The framerate is kept high. The custom sounds are done very well also. This is as close to a flawless map as they come.
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Q-Fraggel unregistered
#15   20 Nov 2000
First of all, THX for the nice feedback :)

And, Johnny Law, you're absolutely right!

Well, that's really a fault by my side!

I applied the caulk texture to these faces of the brushs to increase performance.

And I removed the door from teamplay at a final point in construction.

I actually didn't think of this when I removed the door and didn't check afterwards.

Well, fk! :(

Hmm, I hope it doesn't distract you too much!

But it's nice to see how well you take a look at the map!


It's always good to have somebody who tells you about the faults so you can think of these things the next time :)

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Johnny Law unregistered
#14   20 Nov 2000
One problem: in teamplay mode, the door to the quad area has been removed. This is almost certainly a good idea for gameplay, but visually it leaves a HOM effect where the door edges used to be.

I wonder if this could have been avoided, perhaps with a func_static or a different arrangement of the brushes around the door... or something.

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Neonite unregistered
#13   20 Nov 2000
Wanted to commment on this one yesterday, but site was too busy :*(

ok here's the deal

0/10!!! yack! :(

hehe got ya!

10/10 is more like it.

Fantastic map!

ambience: super. I loved the feeling i got when i walked thru the map, very i don't know ;quake1, quake2, half-life-ish and a bit unreal (terraniux level) i guess the sounds made me remind of terraniux.. a bit :)

gameplay: beautiful. Very fast matches. Bots play super on this level. Only doom was camping the railgun :/ weird.

connectivity: excellent. FOund myself not searching too long for opponents. what can i say?

fantastic :)

visuals: part of the ambience :)

totally awesome, very good (hard to find the right word :)

total-recall like, loved the use of the textures.

lighting: great: no overly dark spots at all (hate that shit). Creates a good sphere here.

secrets: :) nice one q-fraggel. Had me searching a little bit, but found them without cheating. Just used my wits, and found the passage to the quad in no time.

For those of you who have found secret 1, .. :) think how to use it and voila

This level is an a+ in my book.

It's part of those levels, that come along once in a while, and blow the competition away. NIce work. Btw german mappers seem to deliver good work. :=)

(hereby reffering to mexx and zerstörer for quake1 etc :)

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DruZli unregistered
#12   20 Nov 2000
Nice map..would like to play it against humans

Keep it up Q-Fraggel..nice site too:)



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eFDAT unregistered
#11   20 Nov 2000

Du machst es uns anderen wirklich schwer mitzuhalten...


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sfasfse unregistered
#10   19 Nov 2000
look AT stuff even
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hehe unregistered
#9   19 Nov 2000
this map is so good u dont even need to play anybody in it. u can just walk around and look stuff.
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Sundown unregistered
#8   19 Nov 2000
This map speaks for itself, and ya know what it's sayin'? "I'm bitchin, I'm bitchin"! heh, a gem of large DM level, the best in recent memory.
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izeColt unregistered
#7   19 Nov 2000
Blast it! Bloody marvelous!

Way too cool theme. You got some balls to play this map, try it! Never had so fun in teamdeathmatch, never. Get your bloody heads up and sharpen your gauntlet, lock and stock ya rocketlauncher and blast your plasma with this arena, 'couse you won't get anything like this in long time. Well, long time is kinda, well, eh, never mind. Good job. Congrats!

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Johnny Law unregistered
#6   19 Nov 2000
Hmm, had a comment here, apparently it vanished...

Anyway, summary: smooth visuals, fun to explore, plays good too, one of the best big FFA maps, get it. :)

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pu§hy unregistered
#5   19 Nov 2000
ooh ur map is here a lot earlier than u expected it to be huh q-fraggel? ;)

yeah i have 2 agree...this map is excellent...weapons are place very well and gplay is great!

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Tymo unregistered
#4   19 Nov 2000
gameplay is good, great architecture, ... it has all what makes a map attractive, so you will play it again and again ... download it asap


p.s.: i like "the kristall keep" a bit more ...

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Q-Fraggel unregistered
#3   19 Nov 2000

For those who don't find the secrets please download the trickjump/secret demos from my homepage: (Last Fortress section)

There is also a server running this map.

Please check or my homepage.

THX and have a good time!

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cusith unregistered
#2   19 Nov 2000
fantastic gameplay; download this map... very nice against humanplayers ;]
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WarMachine unregistered
#1   19 Nov 2000
hehe download this baby, map good game flow looks great perfect size map feels good bots play good well done q-fraggel more maps please more maps ..War
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