Last Fortress
Last Fortress by Q-Fraggel

Very smooth layout, great architecture, lovely use of custom textures, and an interesting sky box. Mmm, mmm this baby is working it. The aesthetic is solid, consistent and great for the layout. The open layout flows seamlessly through each area without ever hitting the r_speeds. Four player DM's are cool, but five or six are even more enjoyable. Items are mostly well positioned, although there was a bit too much health in parts. Possibly good for team game matches. The secrets to the power ups are well located, though it is an unfair advantage for those more familiar with the level. Bots play fine and navigate the whole level.

Nice one.

Update - Item placement has been changed and location markers have been added (19.feb.2001)

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (91 votes)

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