..::LvL Pack - The cream off the top
..::LvL Pack - The cream off the top by Various
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Anonymous unregistered
#66   15 Oct 2012
buenos mapas
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Tig Rep. 1652
#65   27 May 2012
@mappacker: Yes, if the copyright was owned by a single person or if the maps were made to be included in a pack.

However, as these maps are also released individually, re-packing them into a single pk3 would cause server conflicts when playing them online or against someone else on a LAN who had individual release.

On top of that rather serious issue, technically single releases and should be played as such. The maps are also released under different copyright terms and should not be re-packed.

This pack and many other packs are simply a convenience for players to quickly get a lot of good quality maps on their hard drive.

So, the short answer is "yes", if originally designed as such and "no" if the map pack is a compilation of previously released levels.

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mappacker unregistered
#64   27 May 2012
shouldn't the maps & scripts be compiled in a single .pk3 file? it makes easier to maneuver.
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pike01 unregistered
#63   20 Jan 2006
this is cool..!!! congratulations
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Magic B. unregistered
#62   01 Feb 2002
VERY nice collection. I Can't get enough of them. Please make some more !!!
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slim unregistered
#61   07 Mar 2001
This pack is not good, the maps are bad,shit!

But FFF is great!!

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AnarKing unregistered
#60   05 Mar 2001
I want sorry for my prf inglish . I ´m a boy 15 of a city in spain I don´t know if this is good write but it´s not important only I want say so I love this game .EVRYVARE SAY¨S : THATS THE BEST GAME !!!!

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AnarKing unregistered
#59   05 Mar 2001
Yeah that´s cool I want more of this pack guys of id DO MORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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j00 f00 unregistered
#58   01 Mar 2001
Yes, again I'll add my two cents! THEME PACKS 0WN! MAKE SOME PLEASE!
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.{cR}. VelveT unregistered
#57   01 Mar 2001
Just another player here who would like to see some theme maps. Space, castles, CTF anyone? These packs could be so phat.. not to say the current one isn't, but theme maps would give everyone a choice to go with what they like best, if they loved solid ground and hated flying through space.

Just another player here who's beggin for another reason to download map packs.

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CALthulhu unregistered
#56   01 Mar 2001
Good picks! I would like to see some theme packs.
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mR BaP unregistered
#55   21 Feb 2001
xcelent map pak lot's of modernclassic maps 90% good 10%darn good. An example of creative talent in mappers old and new to the scene amust for the q3 nut

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Dak Powers unregistered
#54   15 Feb 2001
way to go! great job, guys
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Pvt.Ryan unregistered
#53   15 Feb 2001
Yes, I would also love a ..::LvL2, and a CTF..::LvL, and a Space..::LvL... please make one Tigger, you da man 8^)
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psssst unregistered
#52   14 Feb 2001
how about an update for the lvl pack? it's getting a little long in the tooth. lvl2 anyone? please!!!
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#51   13 Feb 2001
Anal Carnage: Yep, works fine with 1.27g
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***TOEY 69*** unregistered
#50   10 Feb 2001
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Anal Carnage unregistered
#49   09 Feb 2001
Hey, can anybody tell me if the LVL Pack is compatible with 1.27g? When I got Team Arena, I had to totally destroy my baseq3 directory just trying to find the pk3's that were messing everything up...
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NaturalBotKiller unregistered
#48   08 Feb 2001
bot's sucks....
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hannibal unregistered
#47   06 Feb 2001
WTF is Tig's Den doing in this pack?!?!

(heh heh, jus kiddin', its fun).

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VampiricuS unregistered
#46   06 Feb 2001
Whenever im looking for cool maps I come to LvL. Since day 1 of this site, it hasnt let me down... Many thanxx

Ive been using a rarely used mod for them called HELLFIRE, cant find any servers for it so im forced to play with bots.

If LvL has their own server for its maps please let me know unless im just blind. I think it would be a good idea to cycle thru latest reviews so that we can see how it plays with real players.

thanxx again!

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ender.. unregistered
#45   02 Feb 2001
those maps are fucking AWESOME man... so, is there gonna be another lvl pack soon?
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#44   27 Jan 2001
If 32 megs is too much...

The maps can be d/loaded individually, just follow the links above (click on the map title) then d/load the single player script.

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Fruitballoon unregistered
#43   20 Jan 2001
Your guys site rocks......very nice easy to read, well done. I will be back.

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Rivet unregistered
#42   20 Jan 2001
Come on, get a download manager. I've downloaded over a dozen 600MB files with my 33.6 over the last 3 months.
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Phobos@ unregistered
#41   18 Jan 2001
hahhah, i ahve a 56k and i d/led the pack, it took me 1.5 hrs, i used dap (download acelerator plus) (:>}|
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FooL unregistered
#40   14 Jan 2001
Laughable. A 32 meg file for 56k dial-up. Yeah...I'll download it. And then I'll get to play sometime in 2007. All I have to say, it all you LBP's can kiss my high pinging ass! ;-)~
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Peter Reaper unregistered
#39   14 Jan 2001
Nice Idea.

Better to have a: "TOP 10 OF ALL TIMES" download file, and a "TOP 5 OF THE MONTH".

That way people could decide houw "up to date" they want to be (only play the 10 BEST maps, or play the best CURRENT maps this month).

What do you think?

Thank You,

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FuzzyBunny unregistered
#38   30 Dec 2000
I hate space maps
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Timmy!!! unregistered
#37   25 Dec 2000
Come on guys, you can do better then this!!! Most of these maps arent that great. A few r good but out of 600 and some odd number of maps to chose from, ya chose these. I thought u guys could pick maps.
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BM unregistered
#36   18 Dec 2000
When I get Quake 3, I will get this. I know I'm silly for replying to this, but earlier I looked at my old bookmarxs, and I found an old link to paradies site. I hope he has good luck, and good luck to you all and your maps.

Now, to get Quake 3...



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topo unregistered
#35   17 Dec 2000
yeah, space maps would make a cool pack... i like KLCURVES(small), KLHIGHTS, MVDM01, QUARTZDM2, SIMETRIK...

as far as a ctf pack, i'd be nice, but as someone already said, threewave is doing one, and you probably wouldn't want to compete with that. if you do decide to make one anyway (theirs may be a while away, and will feature revamped levels), i suggest:

  • Whitenoise (wnoise)
  • Headsab
  • Dead Wrong (jnyctf1)
  • Crossed Paths (dboxctf2)
  • Cast Into Shadows (quartzctf1)
  • Schadenfreude (schadctf),
  • Q3coretctf
btw-riscq3ctf2 looks incredible, but plays horribly in my experience due to the separateness of the two bases and the single entry into each.

oh yeah, the level pak is great, nice b/c it shows a taste in play value rather than appearance that (for me at least) is sometimes hard to be attentive to in dm/1v1 levels.

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Neon unregistered
#34   12 Dec 2000
yeah gat nanuks map in there too, the kleskonian series. curves, and the first one.


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Pony{BoP} unregistered
#33   09 Dec 2000
Great pack - and yes lun3dm1 is awsome and not there .. ah well - u can always find a map and say "i wanted that in" - LIKE TWINGE'S PEN ! -=:)
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pia.Diabolus<BKP> unregistered
#32   05 Dec 2000
Great selection of maps, tho Im surprised that Coriolis Storm is not included (lun3dm1). IMO, the best or tied with a few very select others, custom map made. Another surprise is that one of the maps by Senn isnt in it.
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sirius unregistered
#31   29 Nov 2000
Excellent pack. Very good maps. I agree with nunuk: it would be a good idea to make a spacemap pack.

Thanks a lot.

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space nunuk unregistered
#30   28 Nov 2000
aushan !!! i hate you! you ruined everything!


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Auhsan unregistered
#29   28 Nov 2000
And is a perfect excuse for including all nunuk's maps...Da spacemap man!
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nunuk unregistered
#28   28 Nov 2000
the best for sure...like somebody said, it's a nice surprise to play to future brownie again. nice pick.

submitting an idea:
i know that a large number of players are not really spacemap freaks, however, it would be a good idea to also make a spacemap pack in the future. no matter what people say about those, it remains a genre, with its own strategy and fun.


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Jim unregistered
#27   28 Nov 2000
Thanks for fixing it.
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#26   28 Nov 2000
umm.. Don't compile zip files in the wee hours of the morning...

here is a link to a patch for the single player part, it also includes the missing map.

FileFront: lvlworld.com/dl.php
lvlworld: lvlworld.com/dl.php

Anyone who downloaded the pack before this post may want to grab the patch - and a BIG thanx goes out to Jim for drawing my attention to it.

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Binaryshi unregistered
#25   28 Nov 2000
This truly means rewarding to me, and I'm happy and proud to see that Short Circuit is being received so well. It kind of means saying thank you to me and my mapping efforts in a way words could never do... and I say, Thank you thank you thank you too...=) Where's the Champagne!!!I bring out a toast to all the level authors that contributed to this ..::LvL pack as well as to the reviewers at this site who assembled this level pack with their highly optimized taste for the matter. A level pack from this site means a lot to me.......

Yeeehaa! Partyyyy!!!

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Jim unregistered
#24   27 Nov 2000
You need to see what Zoid is planning on releasing in the "compliation paks".


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Jim unregistered
#23   27 Nov 2000
Also one of the maps was missing a texture or 2.
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Jim unregistered
#22   27 Nov 2000
I just played though this single player and auh3dm1 is missing from the zip. The txt file is there, but the pk3 for it is not. So it breaks the single player ladder. Also I'm playing this using 1.25y and a lot of the maps have the frag limit set to 2 for some reason.
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Weezer unregistered
#21   27 Nov 2000
Tired of reviewing new maps already?

Now get back to work! he-he

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Type 40 unregistered
#20   27 Nov 2000
KMAS - IMO Schadenfreude CTF is the best CTF level in ages...
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Duzzi unregistered
#19   26 Nov 2000
You should put the link to download the pack more obvious.

Most ppl end downloading the SP script.

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KMAS unregistered
#18   26 Nov 2000
some additional suggestions for a CTF pack:

  • The Heart Of The Dungeon (hod_ctf)
  • Morphium Seeky (riscq3ctf2)
  • Schadenfreude (schadctf)
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sprag unregistered
#17   26 Nov 2000
What a great idea! I had some but not all of these very, very good maps. Thanks much for putting these jewels together.
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#16   25 Nov 2000
I'm also running a server with all 16 levels at lucy.massive.com.au (default port). Its in Australia in case you couldn't work it out from the URL :]
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Fingers unregistered
#15   25 Nov 2000
Running a server with the smaller maps... 2-4 player, q3 v1.17 . It's on an ADSL... Try if it works.


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Tigger-oN unregistered
#14   25 Nov 2000
Oh yer.. if you have suggestions for a CTF pack let me know as I'm not a good CTF player and would not trust my judgement as much as others. The maps I would go with (for CTF) would be some of the following;

  • An Iteration of Hell (halctf4b)
  • Can I Take It To The Bridge? (2nd Ed) (mapel4b)
  • Cast Into Shadows (quartzctf1)
  • Castles Arrrghhh (halctf2)
  • Crossed Paths (dboxctf2)
  • White Noise - F3 Edition (wnoise)
  • Japanese Castles (japanc)
  • Two Halves (s20ctf1)
  • Grazer Station (jlctf1)
Well, thats where I would start anyway :]
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GiNGE3[UK] unregistered
#13   25 Nov 2000
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#12   25 Nov 2000
Type 40 - No, they are all sperate so if you have a few of the files you can just download the ones you are missing. All the titles above link to the maps on ..::LvL, so you could grab them from there. The single player mission is about 47kb but will require ALL the maps.
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not entered unregistered
#11   25 Nov 2000
Woah, you included Future Brownie. I thought I was the only one that still played that map. My favorite out of this pack is probably Infernal Genesis.
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Type 40 unregistered
#10   25 Nov 2000
Have these files (including the configs etc.) been put in to a single pak, or are they individual files?
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Controller Of Deception unregistered
#9   25 Nov 2000
/Kick TVs d-Lysergic

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ElNinio unregistered
#8   25 Nov 2000
Modems suck ass
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ki11ingtime unregistered
#7   25 Nov 2000
Great idea, nice touch with the cfgz. Saving cpm1/cpm1a for next pak aye ;)
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Death2Uall unregistered
#6   25 Nov 2000
Hey, a seperate CTF pack would be a great idea...
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Drunken Boxer unregistered
#5   25 Nov 2000
Hmmm.. no CTF. Oh well, saves me a download.
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pjw unregistered
#4   25 Nov 2000
Yeah, everyone is going to disagree with at least a couple . . . human nature in action (especially that last one, what the hell is that (heehee)), but it is an excellent idea. And you did manage to include a few of my all-time faves (beatbox, infernal genesis, fff, and, yeah "that last one"). :)
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Death2Uall unregistered
#3   25 Nov 2000
I've been hoping you would do something like this for a long time. Glad to see it finally happened. Hopefully this will get more server admins to run these maps.

I disagree with a couple of the picks but the idea gets a 10. :)

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eskimo unregistered
#2   25 Nov 2000
/me sex0rs tigger-on
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Sehlio unregistered
#1   25 Nov 2000
Nice, ive got em all but its a great idea...

I give it a 10 :D

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