Revenge Served Cold
Revenge Served Cold by Excelsiore
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Mark unregistered
#2   14 Jul 2008
Again a missing texture - this time on the ceiling. But only say this because the level oozes so much atmosphere it is noticeable. The red lit rooms at the bottom of the map are incredible and the remainder of the map is also really well done, as arenas they really feel like arenas and far exceed Id in capturing the feel and play of a gothic style tournament map plus the author avoids all those really gruesome and crass objects such as amputated jesuses, pulsating flesh tubes and vagina dentatas in the ceiling.
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MEet-CEes unregistered
#1   29 Nov 2000
im so sick of those basic q3 tex. is it possible to make a pk3 patch where you could insert renamed tex to override those tex. this also could add replay to older maps with those

"TIRED" tex.

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