Revenge Served Cold

"Retribution Is A Clenched Fist" - A Full Tier By Excelsiore

Maps included in the tier:

Map 1 - rcfq3dm1 - "Gargoyle's Roost" - (C)2000 Excelsiore
Map 2 - rcfq3dm2 - "Revenge Served Cold" - (C)2000 Excelsiore
Map 3 - rcfq3dm3 - "Forbidden Conquest" - (C)2000 Excelsiore
Map 4 - rcfq3dm4 - "Above & Beyond" - (C)2000 Excelsiore

Map 3ctf - rcfq3dm3ctf - "Forbidden Conquest/CTF" - (C)2000 Excelsiore
Map 4a - rcfq3dm4a - "Above & Beyond/SEE YOU IN HELL" - (C)2000 Excelsiore
Map 4ctf - rcfq3dm4ctf - "Above & Beyond/CTF" - (C)2000 Excelsiore

Title : Revenge Served Cold (6-8 players)
Map type : Free For All
Build : final
Test Builds : 2
Date : September 17, 2000
Filename : rcfq3dm2.bsp
.aas file (for bots) : yes

Author : Excelsiore
Email Address : **email removed**
Home Page :
Planetquake page :

Mapping/Layout : Excelsiore
Mapping/Lightning : Excelsiore
Design : Excelsiore
Additional Ideas/Remarks : Wildheart, Danoid.
Main Gameplay Testing : Excelsiore, Gunbunny, Wildheart, Danoid

Compile Machine : Celery 400@500, 128 MB goatcheese, 2 sticks of cheep vanta tnt

* About *
"Revenge Served Cold"

A relativly normal gothic free for all map. I tried to get some vertical action
going in every room and to get a good flow between the rooms. The map is pretty
big and is suited for a player load of 6-8 with the action dropping off below
that and rampant machinegun fights with a higher load. There are 4 teleporters
to keep up the connectivity and to spread the players out. 10+ doors are
present to keep the fps high and the r_speeds low. This map should be playable
even on low end machines with some lag in the most detailed areas.

I really tried to get good item and weapon placement and I think it works well.
Mediocre weapons, low health and ammo are close at hand while the better weapons
and higher healths have to be earned a bit. I've tried to add some eyecandy to
the map without going oerboard. I think the result is pretty good, nothing to
make you go wow maybe but at the same time nothing that`ll have you falling
asleep. I feel I succeeded in creating a well balanced map with an optimal
amount of gameflow and detail. Hope you enjoy it.

You`ll find the Quad in the waterpit in the basement and the Haste on the
balcony over one of the arenas.

Thanx to Wildheart and Danoid for playtesting.

* Weapons / Items *
Gauntlet : default
Machinegun : default
Shotgun : yes (2)
Plasmagun : yes (1)
Grenade launcher : yes (2)
Rocket Launcher : yes (1)
Lightning gun : yes (1)
Railgun : yes (1)
BFG : no

Quad-damage : yes (1)
Haste : yes (1)
Regeneration : no
Invisibility : no
Battle Suit : no
flight : no
Megahealth : yes (1)

Red Armor : yes (1)
Yellow Armor : yes (1)

Medkit : yes
Personal Teleporter : no

* Copyright / Permissions / Mumbo Jumbo *
Copyright (c) 2000 Excelsiore. All rights reserved.
This level may be electronically distributed only at no charge to
the recipient, and may not be modified in any way. This text file
must be included with the level.
This level may not be distributed on any CD-ROM without the prior,
explicit consent of Excelsiore.
You may run this level on your server as long as no money is charged to players
for playing on your server.


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email : **email removed**