..::LvL Pack - The cream off the top
..::LvL Pack - The cream off the top by Various

A collection of 16 maps, hand picked from ..::LvL by Tigger-oN. All chosen for their enjoyment level after hours of playing.

Included in the download is a 4 Tier single player mod that will allow you to play through all 16 levels against bots. You can download just the mod if you have all the maps already.

And for server Admins there are 3 map cycle configs to make running a custom map server very easy.

A collection of must have levels, be sure to grab it.

Update - The original release had an incorrect arenas.txt as well as a missing file, this has been fixed with the current download. (28th Nov, 2000)

Update 2 - A number of issues were pointed out by FistMarine. The current download fixes all known issues. (28th May, 2012)

Ranked: 3.8 out of 5 (60 votes)

Download: ..::LvL Pack - The cream off the top by Various