Ultima Thule
Ultima Thule by [HK]Vd
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#17   04 Oct 2000
Gameplay was kinda fun in that yer always changing elevation and running thru some crazy rooms but honestly, this is an ugly map. It's a hodgepodge of color and dirt.

She ain't pretty she just plays that way. Strafe jumping thru this map made me feel like Superman.

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Dragonboy unregistered
#16   28 Aug 2000
Good map, love the hunt, just work on the framerates and a few of the textures are messy. eh... I still think it's pretty sweet.
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jon unregistered
#15   27 Aug 2000
ugly..bad framerate.. gameplay is ok.. I give it a 3
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peter watson unregistered
#14   26 Aug 2000
the textures are screwed up where that twisty thing is in the tunnel. gameplay encourages ambushes to be set up and is a bit too claustrophobic.
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caravan boy unregistered
#13   25 Aug 2000
seems a bit squalid
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not entered unregistered
#12   25 Aug 2000

Quote by [HK] vd


Why should I resist that urge? It's more of a warning to those who are expecting an average flat map. That isn't what this map is about. If that's what you are looking for, look elsewhere.

well said. :)

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RIOT unregistered
#11   25 Aug 2000
Seems really good but there are some places that i stand and i get 1-2 fps if i look in a certain direction :-(
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pu§hy unregistered
#10   25 Aug 2000
i was lookin at the screenshot and thinkin if im goin to d/l this map or not. but...i can't really tell where in the map was that pic taken. is that still "the edge" or it's been completely re-organized?
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ALS unregistered
#9   25 Aug 2000

If you’re not happy cuz people are giving their opinion about your map, next time send it elsewhere!

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[HK]Vd unregistered
#8   24 Aug 2000
Why should I resist that urge? It's more of a warning to those who are expecting an average flat map. That isn't what this map is about. If that's what you are looking for, look elsewhere.
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Johnny Law unregistered
#7   24 Aug 2000
Heh heh... although I understand that a mapper cna have the urge to say "if you don't appreciate the finer points of my map it's because you're NOT LEET ENOUGH"... you probably should resist that urge. :-)

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[HK]Vd unregistered
#6   23 Aug 2000
From the release day of this map, about 2 months ago, I've had a wild reaction, from many emailing me saying it's the best thing they played to others confused by it's mechanics.

All I can say is that it was never meant to fit with the current trends, and was designed for the tricksters amongst us with plenty of skills. Those who used to love the tricks of q2dm1 will lap it up but I understand those used to the basic square rooms with doors, of quake3 will find it initially confusing.

The gameplay is definately there, you have to trust me on that one, as both HK and 4Kings put it through its paces for a couple of months to get it balanced. But, like I said, it's meant to have a long learning curve, and a thirty minute run around with bots was never what it was designed for. Stick it on a server with a mate, and get those pineapples flying.

As for the curve mismatch mentioned in the LvL comments, that must be some strange curve settings as I've never come across it, n any of the settings I've used, and you are the first to mention it.

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Octovus unregistered
#5   23 Aug 2000
Maybe your download got corrupted? I mean, I ran the thing with some Videocard no one's ever heard of, and a TNT2 on another machine. Just a thought...
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Ozh unregistered
#4   23 Aug 2000
Couldn't even load the map.

Each time, my comp freeze

Even tried at fastest setting, smallest resolution, no sound, no mouse, no bots, nothing : same thing.

Never saw that with any other map. Got 128 Mo, a GeForce. This map has a problem.

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4Fuxache unregistered
#3   22 Aug 2000
Nice map but I don't like the choice of textures [too busy+no theme]
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BFG20K unregistered
#2   22 Aug 2000
It's a map with great design and architecture- but that's not what always makes the level. The gameplay for me was rather dull, and I was looking forward to see q2dm1 redesigned, not completely reorganized. Great detail, bad gameplay - 5/10
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Cinq unregistered
#1   22 Aug 2000
This map is class and very well made. Hope to see more like this
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