Big Tobacco
Big Tobacco by Riscchip
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MeUs unregistered
#8   28 Oct 2000
This map is coooool!
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Khaile unregistered
#7   29 Aug 2000
Too bad it is symmetrical :(

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DiSTuRBeD unregistered
#6   25 Aug 2000
Gret Map! My only complaint would be that it eats fps for lunch, but i still enjoyed it while playing @ 12 fps with all detail at it's lowest.

Review at the backburner soon!


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Twitchfactor unregistered
#5   23 Aug 2000
Incredible construction.

Flows pretty well.

Chugs like a pro on a hot summer's night.

Ugly as a Dennis Rodman / Joan RIvers lovechild.

Seriously though, it is a really cool map, but due to the over abundance/usage of the shiny textures and the fact that EVERY WALL has some sort of dancing light on it, it runs slow and almost game a seizure.

Retexture it (maybe taking some cues from Meatpack#1) and it'll be a 10!

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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#4   22 Aug 2000
I thought visually this was a beautiful map. The electric trim on the ceilings and the colors of the other trim thoughout the map give it that polished/clean look. I thought your blue lighting scheme on the lowest floor was cool. I also thought that having to rocket jump to the quad was cool but for some reason, the sky was clipped too low for rocket jumping from the highest level where the regen spawns.

I wonder how this map would be as a Rocket Arena map?

Well done. The ability to jump and run from level to level really adds to gameplay.

This map is staying on my hard drive!

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BFG20K unregistered
#3   22 Aug 2000
It's straight and to the point, which makes a great map. Great architechture, texturing is a bit bland, and the gameplay ran ok... give it an 8!
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Neil Beech unregistered
#2   22 Aug 2000
A very nice level.
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Johnny Law unregistered
#1   22 Aug 2000
I think Riscchip's latest CTF map looks great, but this map here didn't do it for me. The texture scheme didn't really come together IMO. With the performance problems, and the fact that the layout/gameplay didn't really excite me, I'd score this one as a bit of a miss, especially compared to his other maps.

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