Ultima Thule
Title Ultima Thule
Filename HKtourney1.bsp
Author Paul Fravigar - [HK]Vd
E-mail **email removed**
Description Quake III: Arena Tourney level

-- Installation Instructions --

- Make sure you have the Quake III: Arena point release installed.
For more information, visit www.quake3arena.com/
- Place this .pk3 file in your Quake3\baseq3 folder
- Run Quake III: Arena
- The map will appear in your single player skirmish menu under Tourney, FFA, and TDM.

-- Gametype information --

This map was intended from the outset as a Tourney level for use against human opponents, and is loosely based on q2dm1: The Edge (Hence the name Ultima Thule - or in plainer English 'The Ultimate Limit'). However, if you feel the need to take on some bots this has been catered for and playtested to give the best game possible.
Also if Tourney is not your thing it also plays a mean game of FFA with ideally four players in the arena.

-- Background Incidental Information --

In the planning stages of this arena there were a few key points that were paramount to the effort, mentioned here in no particular order : to make a tourney level of high enough quality to appeal to the best duelists and therefore stand a chance of making it into professional tourney. To achieve this some of the best duelists in Europe got together to playtest it for a month after it's completion enabling the arena to be tuned to the highest level. This included the whole of clan HK and members of 4Kings (4K), with special thanks going out to 4K^Splink who put it on his dedicated server so we could all test it at our leisure.
Also designed from the outset was an Arena overflowing with tricks, something I felt was missing from 95% of all the original q3 maps. The results in this department speak for themself - Strafe jumping, circle strafing, rocket jumping, baby rocket jumping, plasma jumps, plasma climbs, plasma strafe climbs, crouch jumps, bunny hopping, curving strafe falls, circle rocket jumps, and even a rocket float (if you can find this one it will get you the mega with a loss of only 14 health, but your gonna need to know circle strafing and bunny hops to pull it off at maximum speed). All but the last of these trick jumps were designed into the map in more than one place, by tweaking distances to not only make them possible but to give significant advantages to those who can achieve them. Also of note is that every item on the map is collectable without the use of a weapon, including the mega, you can even get up to the shelf the two health near the RL are on without falling on them from above and without the use of a weapon. All I can say is, if you think you've found all the tricks, think again.
Thirdly in the design criteria was a level where sound travelled so well that if it went quiet you could bet your opponent was camping.

-- Acknowledgements (In no particular order) -

Playtesters - Vd, Enhancer, Arachna, Iradium, R@ptile, Splink, Hux, Legbeard, Satan, Slash, D-Jack, Gambit
Major thanks go out to the above guys who helped improve the level immeasurably.

-- Copyright / Permissions --

Copyright (2000) by Paul Fravigar. All rights reserved.

This package may only be distributed by means of electronic transfer,
free of any charge to the recipient, and may not be modified in any way.
All the files included in the original package must remain intact and

This package may not be distributed on any commercial CD-ROM.

The only stipulation to using this map on a commercial multi-player server is that full details of the servers location and accessibility must be sent to the author via email. I'll see you there. :)

Hope it floats your boat,

Paul Fravigar [HK]Vd

-- There's only one rule : make it as good as it can be and then make it better --