AEon's Arena
by AEon
AEon's Arena by AEon
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Takkie Rep. 1738
#20   16 Jan 2015
The best thing of this map is the clipping. You can move quite easily through the lower parts. That's good. Coherent theme...But just to big for me...
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2246
#19   23 Jul 2012
I like this map. It remnds me of Quake 1 introduction entering "The Netherowrld" episode.

This map got a pretty nasty review from Squonkamatic www.somethingawful...ranky/index.php

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avatar Rep. 64
#18   08 May 2009
I love this map so much that I actually had to look for a cd where I burned it 9 years ago after recalling it (and not recalling the name) so I could play it. Nuff said.
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AEon unregistered
#17   02 Aug 2001
Hi Julie,

in the room with the secret and the bridge with a gap, on the right side, near the sky :)


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julie unregistered
#16   02 Mar 2001
nice map,but i can´t this f..

teleporter :-(

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AEon unregistered
#15   30 May 2000
Hi folks,

as I see most of you folks liked the map. :))))

You will never be able to please everyone. For me its OK that at least a few other folks can get a bit of fun out of the map.

The BFG... personally I think the BFG messes up DM, since its the only weapon to go for. This is especially true for id's Maps with BFG. So I intentionally did not want the BFG to be relevant for the game. I added it as a gag. Therefore the trap. That you can actually get out with the personal teleporter is actually an oversight on my part... you folks sure are clever ;). Placing BFG ammo in the Map was meant as a teaser, to hint at the fact that a BFG in somewhere in the map. For most games simply ignore the BFG and you won't be annoyed :)... Getting out with the battlesuit, via lava dive will not work either... I blocked that room off.

The gauntlet... another gag thingy... I have never seen a free floating gauntlet in a map. So I added it for decoration. Note if you could pick up the gauntlet, this weapon will no longer work, so I had to block it off.

I have a 2on2'ish map done for months, but have not gotten around to finishing it. Hope to find the time to do it though soon. And I also started a CTF map :)...


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dezperado unregistered
#14   29 May 2000
wow, it really reminds me of q1.

i like the old-school secrets- they add fun to a repetitive gameplay- i think it's worth an 8.

maybe the texturing it's too poor, and some areas are too dark, but the brushwork is great

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#13   28 May 2000
hehehe, i even remeber using the personal teleporter when I was playing this map. Makes getting the BFG so much easier :]
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Niptlar unregistered
#12   28 May 2000
I just had a hard time finding the personal teleport.
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OozE unregistered
#11   28 May 2000
Great map...It's HUGE! Unfortunately I don't like huge ffa's with until it hits the net its kinda..umm, gone for me. BUT, the layout, design, ambience, everything is very well done. Make a tourney ver.! :)
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Joeyray unregistered
#10   28 May 2000
AEon´s map is a great one in my opinion. I like it very much, because you can play it very long and you are always finding news things....

great stuff!

the bfg trap rulz ;) hehe

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Natestah unregistered
#9   28 May 2000
I had to download this level for the challenge of getting the BFG and staying alive.. turns out there is a personal teleporter in the level. I just had a hard time finding the BFG after I found the teleporter =).. Kind of a wicked level this is

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#8   27 May 2000
The only way to get the BFG (that i know of) is in a team game, or playing as a team. One person blocks the door (by standing on it) and the other jumps in, grabs its, jumps out. The person that blocks the door will need a lot of armor and health (and still may die).

have fun trying :]

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not entered unregistered
#7   27 May 2000
i think you can get the BFG if you have the battlesuit on. haven't tried it yet but i'm pretty sure you can just swim out of there with it.
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SiC-deth unregistered
#6   27 May 2000
What the hell is a gauntlet doing just lying there???? anyway, that part was kinda dumb and the red armor and MH and teleporter being on top of the roof thingies was dumb. also the bfg armor under the lava was USELESS! it seems like AEon, knows what he's doing with the styling and crap, but with the placemenet... he's lost. pretty nice with bots, but nothing too thrilling.


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Niptlar unregistered
#5   27 May 2000
Okay, if you are going to make the BFG a trap, could you at least leave out the equally worthless BFG ammo? The texturing and lava is boring, I don't care what some of you say. The layout is good and the item placement is okay, but eh. If the Quad was trapped, then I may have liked it okay.

I also hate Mega-health secrets.

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Dutch unregistered
#4   27 May 2000
The level is a nice change from the goth. The bfg trap is irritating. I don't understand why it is even there. The level seems large and requires many bots/players. I have not played it enough to get tired of it.
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NO unregistered
#3   27 May 2000
in the first paragraph, you said it was a large level...then in the second one, you said it was mid-sized. Which is it?
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Delitzsch unregistered
#2   27 May 2000
Great map! Well textured, and the lava work is fantastic. Bit annoyed that there is no way to get the BFG, but an awesome layout and multi-level design. Have not played with bots, so no comment there. Great map. Earns at least an 8 or 9.
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Steinecke unregistered
#1   27 May 2000
This map has been on my harddisc while ago -but only for a week, or so. The bots are annoyed by all this lava as much as me. There is a spot, they just get frozen like a statue. This map looks boring very soon. There is an infamous trap included. To run around in this maze takes too long. This creation looks interesting -for a very short while.
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