Annoyance by Erlandr
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Joboo unregistered
#33   17 Mar 2001
I played annoyance when it was just a wee lad and it has enhanced tremendously (and it still rocked back then) Playing 1 on 1's with Erlandr FFA with him and some friends "r0x0r3d" on that map. The textures rule and the lighting is magnificent. And no i don't really think he's ugly.



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gorilla unregistered
#32   01 Aug 2000
yeah, this map kicks ass. If you love small fast games as much as I do, you should get this one. Good job Erlandr.
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Locutus_MP unregistered
#31   10 Jun 2000
After reading some of the reviews below, i DL'd this level expecting to see an okay level, adequate (but not exceptional) attetion to detail, and a smallish map such as Hell's Gate.

i was dead wrong.

i started in an open area facing into one of the hallways of the level, so i just started off going straight and walked into the hallway. That's when i saw it. Probably the most beautiful architecture i've seen in a Q3A map. The mappers at id should take pointers from this guy. The torches and lamps are spaced evenly to make for a very orderly look while lighting the level adequately. They aren't just for show. At the same time they fit in perfectly with the design of the map to make it look extremely believable. This could easily be a real-life construct and, as with alot of the gothic levels, doesn't feel alien. The blue sky, while i usually loathe it, complements this level well, adding to the overall realism. It's also not as cramped as Hell's Gate. Instead, the size is just right for a 1 on 1 map where the players won't be at each other's throats constantly. To me, that's a good thing. An intelligent player can also use the design of the level to his advantage. i found at least two places where a well-executed rocket jump can put you in an area out of sight of a pursuing player. At the same time, the size of the map makes it flexible enough to get up to 4 or 6 players in an FFA, although anything more than 4 just becomes a blood bath!

All in all, this map is at least an 8. Excellent work, Erlandr! If you guys haven't already, you owe it to yourself to at least give this level a walk-through. i think you'll be plesantly surprised.

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leobaby unregistered
#30   07 Jun 2000
this level rocks on instagib, even better with corkscrew.
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Zak unregistered
#29   06 Jun 2000
Im d/loading this one righ now, mostly for the blue sky. I hate the red/brown diarrhea in most maps.
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Erlandr unregistered
#28   05 Jun 2000
Whats wrong with the blue sky? Seriously?! You must have a terrible life if you dislike blue skies :).

Firethorn: I'm sorry baby, I still love you!

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Tresch unregistered
#27   05 Jun 2000
::thinks of Annoyance as yet another red/brown/yellow map::


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SiCdeth unregistered
#26   05 Jun 2000
the blue sky is evil! it ruins a lot of maps by making them way too bright, i have yet to see a blue skied level that wouldnt be better with red or yellow sky... i guess it is kind of nice to see a vhange from the norm, but it causes ugliness (for lack of a better word)
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Firethorn unregistered
#25   05 Jun 2000

I feel so used. :p

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Erlandr unregistered
#24   05 Jun 2000

ok thats just disturbing

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Eternally In Your Mouth, unregistered
#23   03 Jun 2000
Bomb-diggity! I loved this map. It gave me a 1 on 1 tournament orgasm. Literally! I had to clean out my drawers from all the man chowder that this map made me expel! I hope you make more maps! I like maps that make me spew ropes of steamy white shpunk...Thanks a million, Erlandr. And my vas differens thanks you as well
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Tresch unregistered
#22   03 Jun 2000
Play tested it from the start! Not the most detailed map... but with all the action, who the heck can stand still long enough to look? perfect for 2 to 4 people. Personally i think the 1v1s on this map are as about as good as it gets. And yes, the sky is very nice. I'm sick of RED AND BROWN EVERYTHING
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Firethorn unregistered
#21   03 Jun 2000
Wow .. that is a great map Erlandr! I have playtested it for about two hours with bots on varying skills, and find it very enjoyable. The layout is more logical than some of the maps from the id team. It has a very gothic feel to it.

It is a little big for 1v1 matches IMO, but with four total players it is an absolute frag fest.

I am unsure what the issue is with the blue sky, to me it makes it seem more real versus being on some alien planet.

Good job!

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Bamboo unregistered
#20   01 Jun 2000
Great map erl. Love the blue sky. Feels like a real world setting.
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CoReUpPeD unregistered
#19   01 Jun 2000
Awsome map.The blue sky sucks but I love the way it plays and looks. This one is gonna stay on my hard drive for a long time!
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-Phreaker- unregistered
#18   01 Jun 2000
Your a stud, im your biggest fan...j/k. Great map though dood, i have a demo i recorded of me playing on it vs 3 nightmare bots..heh. Ill ship her over icq sometime :)
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me unregistered
#17   30 May 2000
I really like this map, both for game play and senic. I actually like the blue sky and would like to see more maps with it.
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RedFive unregistered
#16   30 May 2000
Lots of fun! The map seems a lot bigger than it really is. I think it'll be even better playing against humans. Nice open spaces and plenty of corners to paint yourself into !!!
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Erlandr unregistered
#15   28 May 2000
For those who don't know Joboo, thats the highest possible compliment from him
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Joboo unregistered
#14   28 May 2000
yea i've played it.. and i think you're ugly
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Steinecke unregistered
#13   28 May 2000
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#12   28 May 2000
Steinecke - try the following if you think team spectator is a good way to fly around

devmap <mapname>


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fieroman unregistered
#11   28 May 2000
awesome map.

just dloaded it and played 3 player ffa and found it very entertaing....nice battles down by the rocket launcher

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Steinecke unregistered
#10   28 May 2000
Hi, Erlandr! I think it's like the difference with Science Fiction movies: Better, to make the stuff looking used & aged... not to clean.
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Erlandr unregistered
#9   27 May 2000
Hey thanks for the all the imput, both good and bad!

This is a first release map for me, and aesthetics were pretty much an afterthought so I can understand some gripes about that. I primarily focused on the layout and gameplay, I personally love it but maybe my opinion is biased ;). Give it a shot, who knows, maybe you'll enjoy it!

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SiC-deth unregistered
#8   27 May 2000
hey what the hell? i like this map, it plays well, it looks alright, so whats the deal. i dont know why u guys dont like it, but its a keeper for me, the only thing i dont like about this map or any map is that damn blue sky, i think that the red amd yellow skies give it a better mood.


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Niptlar unregistered
#7   27 May 2000
I wouldn't have put the YA near the Railgun. There isn't a whole lot to do, ya know? Sorry, I'm too tired to give a complete review.
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Dutch unregistered
#6   27 May 2000
Kurupt give this one a chance. Don't go by sceens to make a judgement about DLing. I like this level. I guess I like killing muppets...heh
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Kurupt unregistered
#5   27 May 2000
Hmm don't think i wanna d/load this one screeny looks shit, it looks like this guy can't texture very well
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Steinecke unregistered
#4   27 May 2000
It looks unnatural and blocky. Like a Muppets-stage. Cheap decoration.
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Steinecke unregistered
#3   27 May 2000
(Neither good nor bad.)
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Steinecke unregistered
#2   27 May 2000
I took a flight in spectator-mode to inspect the map (fine method!) -and then I saw the roofs -the way the look- then the map wandered into thi litterbin. Sorry, so I never had a real possibility to make a real test. I will not make any score.
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RiO unregistered
#1   27 May 2000
Small, Fast, Delicious.. but lacking something in the imagination/decor department.

Very good try though, I'll be keepin' this one for a while..


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